Today I have a series of questions to ask about the apparent fury of the Americans on the Al Megrahi issue: is such fury legitimate or justifiable? Should the Libyan intelligence agent Ali Al Megrahi (the so-called Lockerbie bomber) have been released on compassionate grounds to go and die at home by the Scottish Justice Secretary having been convicted of the bombing and having been given a life sentence? Was he really guilty of the bombing of that plane in the first place? Was there really a secret deal and would he have been released on “compassionate” grounds if Libya did not have vast oil reserves and was not now opening up to the world? Is the sense of outrage expressed by the American relatives of those that were murdered justified?

How do you explain the fact that the British relatives of those that were killed, by way of contrast to the Americans, supported the release of Al Megrahi and are of the view that he was not the one responsible for the bombing in the first place? There is a school of thought in intelligence circles that says that it was the Syrians that carried out the bombing and not the Libyans and that there was a massive cover up by the west due to the implications that the truth would have on the Middle East peace process. In that situation the fall out of Libya being held responsible was much easier to manage than that which would have ensued if the world knew that it was actually the Syrians that did it. What do you think of this? The American people seem to be very upset with the Scots over the release- is that reasonable or fair given the fact that everything was done according to due process and Scottish law? In any case should the Americans be allowed to tell the world what to do and are they now the gods of this world? Was “little” Scotland not doing the right thing by insisting on applying it’s own laws and values and not debasing itself and allowing itself to be dictated to or brought down to the brutal standard of the Americans? Do the Scots not have the moral high ground here? Is the rise of state sponsored terrorism and even Islamism throughout the world not a legitimate reaction to the decadence, ungodliness, excesses, dictation, interference, injustice, wickedness and sheer evil that successive American administrations have perpetuated all over the world throughout history? In any case why should people not react in any way that they deem fit when they feel that they are being denied their rights, being threatened, being cheated, being robbed and being killed? Is one man’s terrorist not another man’s freedom fighter?

What about the atrocities that have been committed in the past by America, the Western powers themselves and even the state of Israel? What about the vicious bombing of Dresden in Germany, the nuking of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan, the massacre of Sabra and Chatilla in Lebanon, the slaughter of over 150,000 Iraqi women and children during the air raids and bombings of Baghdad during the invasion of Iraq? Were these any better than what Al Megrahi allegedly did under the orders of Ghaddfi? The man that presided over the killings of thousands of Palestinian Muslim women and children at the refugee camps of Sabra and Chatilla was no less a figure than the late Ariel Sharon who is a hero in both Israel and America till today and who later became the Prime Minister of Israel. Yet the Americans had no problems being allies and friends of his or of Israel up until today.

Is American blood more precious than any other blood? Are American lives more important than other lives? Has America not turned itself into the judge and jury of this world, imposing its will and insisting on determining what is right and wrong at every point in time? Who will stand up to America and tell them the truth? Who will bail the cat? Who will remind the world that it is God the Great alone, the Lord of Hosts, that judges and rules in the affairs of men and not the Americans? Who will remind the world that when you push a man or woman (or indeed a people) to the wall and you dehumanise him to a point that he does not feel that he has anything to lose or to live for anymore, that that man or woman finds it very easy to commit atrocities and to take innocent lives in the name of a greater cause and a higher power? We are all children of God and citizens of the world and should we all not have an opinion which we can legitimately voice on such issues? Must we all toe the American line day in day out?

These are indeed interesting and relevant questions: what do you think?