May the Lord contend against those who contend against us. May He fight against those who fight against us. May He trouble those who seek to trouble us. May He cause the fiery darts of the evil one to fall harmlessly by our feet. May He grant us peace in our palace and prosperity in our walls.

May He cause His angels to guard us jealously night and day. May He grant us that peace which passeth all understanding. May our joy be full now and forever. May He bestow upon us His love and His mercy and may He clothe us with His favour and gird us with His blessings and power. O Lord that answereth by fire, we implore you to save our nation from those that are in power today who deny you with their arrogance and who have no fear of you. Show them O Lord that you are mighty in battle, that you cannot be resisted and that you alone rule in the affairs of men and forge the destiny of nations. In you O Lord do we put our trust: let it be so, that your name may be glorified.