“The North should not be pushed to the wall. If we are pushed to the wall, we would simply walk out of the conference. When we walk out, there would be great consequences for the country”- HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, DR. MUHAMMADU BARKINDO MUSTAPHA, LAMIDO OF ADAMAWA.

”I see arrogance. I see harrasement. I see it’s either our way or no way by the same group who felt the country belongs to them only- the people who are holding this country by the jugular at this conference. The same way they have been behaving since the creation of the Nigerian state is the same way they are aggressively exhibiting their character at this confrence. But gone are the days when any part of Nigeria can be intimidated, can be coerced or harrassed into submission. The majority of Nigerian s have realised that 50 years of their domination, albiet illegally, has come to an end. They must sit down now and discuss. The odds are not in their favour. The threat of boycott or walkout will not change anything. We are all equal before the law. We are all equal before God”- PRINCE ADEKUNLE ADESINA ODUNMORAYO.

These are certainly interesting times and there appear to be a few fireworks flying at the Constitutional Conference. Prince Odunmorayo, a proud and illustrious son of Ile-Ife with a distinguished and noble heritage, has spoken candidly and courageously. His words shall go down in history as being a prophetic and final warning to a people that have lost touch with reality and that feel that they must always have their way in Nigeria. The message is loud and clear and it basically says that there are no more slaves and slave-masters in Nigeria. It says that we are all equal before God and we will never go back to the old days of northern masters and southern serfs.
If the north walks out of the conference simply because they are not allowed to operate what amounts to an effective power of veto when it comes to voting, then they may as well walk out of Nigeria as well. It is time for the south to begin to come together and insist on their rights.
Some things are way and above party politics and they are basic and fundamental- this matter is one of such things. The north does not own Nigeria and the rest of us do not live for them or at their beck and call.
We all own this country and the wishes of the north cannot be forced down the throats of the south.