The U.S. supplied millions of dollars worth of arms to the vicious islamic fundamentalist terrorist organisation known as the Al Nusra Front two years ago in Syria in an attempt to get rid of President Bashir Al Assad.
Did they forget about the Leahy Act then? Did they not recognise the fact that when Al Nusra was going from town to town wiping out whole civilian populations, including women and children, and openly cutting out and eating the hearts of their victims that it was a gross violation of human rights?

The Al Nusra Front was to later metamorphosise into the beast called ISIS and the rest is history. Who created, funded and fed that beast at the initial stage? Was it not America?
Come to think of it who funded and created Al Qaeda itself and who supported and armed Osama Bin Ladin to resist and fight the Soviets in Afghanisatan right from the start? Was it not America?
Again who supported and funded Saddam Hussein in the early years and who sold him millions of dollars worth of arms to fight a war against Iran in an attempt to topple Ayatollah Khomeni after the Iranian revolution? Was it not America?
Where was U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy on all these occasions? Did he lose his voice? Did he complain about the atrocities and human rights violations committed by Al Nusra, Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein at the appropiate times?
In particular why was he so silent about the atrocities of Al Nusra two years ago and why did he not call them ”rapists and murderers” in the same way that he called our soldiers same?
Why was his celebrated Leahy Act not invoked to stop the Obama administration from supplying arms to the Al Nusra Front in the same way that it was invoked to stop them from supplying arms to our Armed Forces?
Senator Leahy should explain that one away to the world instead of insulting the sensibilities of our people. Who is kidding who?