A Final Word On The Genocide In Agatu

A friend of mine just came back from Agatu in Benue state. He is an online journalist and he went with a team of his professional colleagues.
He told me that at least 500 people were slaughtered by the Fulani herdsmen and militants in Agatu and no less than 9 villages were sacked and burnt to the ground over there.

Worse still the Fulani did not just kill their victims but they have also occupied what is left of their villages, towns and land.
My friend actually saw the conquering and victorious Fulanis militants because they had taken full control of the land and towns of their victims.
He and those that were with him were actually shot at by the militants when they sighted them. He said the whole area now looks like a major war zone and it is utterly destroyed and devastated.
What a mess. Yet no CNN, BBC or Al Jazeera coverage and hardly anything about it has been reported in our local media. Are the 500 Idomas that were killed in Agatu not human beings?
Thousands of people have been displaced and many families have lost their homes and loved ones at the hands these Fulani herdsmen and cattlerearers who come from another world yet no-one appears to care.
Meanwhile our President openly encourages this genocide and ethnic cleansing with his criminal negligence and complicit silence. Enough is enough.
This bloodletting by the Fulani herdsmen is nothing less than a curse on our nation and the more we tolerate such destruction and mass murder and turn a blind eye to it the more God will make us suffer as a people.
Injustice and wickedness to others, particularly to the weak, innocent, vulnerable and defenceless in our society, attracts God’s wrath.
President Buhari needs to put a stop to the carnage that his kinsmen are unleashing on the Nigerian people. I am calling him out and I am speaking for those that do not have a voice and the victims of these barbaric acts.
Buhari must protect the Nigerian people. He must call the perpertrators of these diabolical acts to order and he must punish them.
He must wage war against them and bring them to justice. He must also repent, make his peace with God and pray very hard before it is too late. Everything depends on it.
Plato said “no-one is hated more than he who speaks the truth”. I have spoken the truth here and I know that I will be hated for it.
Yet I would be hated for speaking the truth than loved for telling lies and ignoring the torment, cries and pain of those that are being killed and displaced on a daily basis by the Fulani militias and murderers. This madness has to stop.
Meanwhile permit me to end this short intervention with a short contribution from Mr. Ebipere Clark who I believe captured the moment rather well.
On March 14th, after he heard about the Agatu massacre and after he read the official reaction of the Inspector General of Police to the whole incident, he wrote the following on Facebook:
“The IGP said he could not find 300 graves. Did he provide a report on the 10,000 cattle carcasses?
He was probably awaiting permission from the nearest Emir. A grim and violent future is beckoning for Nigeria. It is as clear as day is cloudless. It is coming closer into view with every day – perhaps insignificant when viewed at certain angles but its outline is expanding.I have no idea why these people are not defending themselves, but things will snap back at a certain point and then there will be a violence so terrible that it will consume all – both actors and audience. God bless Nigeria is a wasted cry – this country currently does not justify saving”.