God loves Nigeria so much. For those that doubt it kindly consider the following.

They created ebola in their demonic labs for bio weapons. They sent the disease to our shores through an insane Liberian but the Lord defended us and refused to allow it to take root in our shores.

The watchers prayed “return to sender” and ebola was sent back to Dallas through another insane Liberian. Now they seek to learn lessons from the Nigeria that they targetted and sought to destroy about how to “contain ebola”.

God loves Nigeria so much. Why? Because, as the bible says, ”He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wisdom of the wise”. For those that still doubt it kindly consider the following.

They refused to label Boko Haram as a terrorist organisation until all men of goodwill begged them to do so and until the terrorists had slaughtered no less than 25,000 Nigerians, including innocent children whilst abducting thousands more.

They refused to sell us arms to fight the Haramites and when we approached other nations to do so they directed them to say ”no” and turn us down.

Yet God was with us, we sourced those arms ourselves and ever since then the tied has turned and our gallant soldiers are winning the war against Boko Haram.

Can all this be just coincidence? Do these so-called friends and allies of our nation really wish us well?

I read the response of the American Ambassador to Nigeria about our concerns about the US arms embargo on Nigeria. He spoke nothing but nonsensical popycock and bunkum.

What on earth have we done to them that they seek to bring us to our knees and decimate our country with terror, torment, violent brutality and disease?

Why have they visited us with so much covert hate despite our obnoxious fawning and desperate crawling before their superpower thrones for the last one hundred years?

Have we not played the fool enough for them and have we not bowed low enough to them on bended knee for the last 54 years?

Yet despite all our efforts to please our international partners and modern-day slave masters they seek to effect their prophecy that chaos must envelop Nigeria and that our country must break up by 2015.

They seek to ensure that we are enveloped in a sea of carnage and fratricidal butchery the likes of which have never been seen before on the African continent or indeed in world history.

In the light of all these observations numerous questions must be asked? Who is really behind Boko Haram and how come they have more sophisticated arms than the Nigerian military?

Who supplies them with those arms and all that training? Is it the same forces that covertly trained, armed and supplied ISIS, Al Nusra and Daesh?

Is it the same powers that used those barbaric terrorist organisations in Syria to attempt to topple President Bashar Al Assad and in Iraq to push Nouri Al Malaki out of power?

Is it the same forces that unleashed mayhem and created turmoil in the Ukraine and that sought to plunge Europe and Russia into a bloody war?

Is it the same forces that created Al Qaeda and commissioned Osama Bin Ladin to push the Soviets out of Afghanistan? Is it the same people that seek to use Boko Haram to decimate our country, destroy our people and bring our government to it’s knees?

It is very clear to me that NATO will deploy ground troops to Iraq and Syria relatively soon. This was the plan all along. The long-term objective is not just to destroy and defeat ISIL but also to remove Bashar Al Assad from power in Syria.

As a matter of fact the latter has always been the primary objective and America, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and a handful of others in the Arab Gulf states supported and funded ISIS, Al Nusra, Daesh and a number of other terrorist groups specifically for that purpose for a number of years.

The sheer evil and horror of ISIS has provided a useful pretext and justification for a full scale invasion of Syria and Iraq by the western powers and their sunni Arab allies.

That invasion, which will be clothed in the name of ”liberation”, will come soon. Bashar Al Assad, Syria, Russia, Iran, China and their secularist allies in the region need to brace up and prepare for the worst. This is indeed a rhapsody of reality.

Yet whoever unleashed these forces and whatever their evil intentions for Nigeria are, one thing is clear: despite all our complexities, self-hate, self-doubt, ignorance, naivety, eccentricities and innocent trusting ways, God loves us dearly and we shall not go the way of Iraq, Syria or Libya.

After all this is the land of the Ameyo Adadevoh’s and other brave souls. This is the land where the watchers pray through the night and stand in the gap for their beloved nation and their compatriots regardless of faith, tribe or creed.

This is the land where, though we pretend to hate one another and we bicker morning, night and day, we know the meaning of the word patriotism, honor, dedication, resilience, ruggedness and love.

This is the land whose people know how to worship and praise the one true God and who call on His name night and day.

The earthly powers that be and the emissaries of the devil, no matter how powerful, how rich and how connected will never destroy us and neither shall the counsel of satan prevail in our land.

Each time they throw a bomb at us, like ebola, it shall ”return to sender”.

Each time they refuse to sell us arms to enable us to defend our people and redeem our honor the Lord shall raise others who shall do it in their stead.

The bottom line is as follows: you may hate us and seek to shame and humiliate us but God loves Nigeria and His purpose for our nation, whether you like it or not, shall surely come to pass.

God bless Nigeria and may He continue to deliver us from our enemies, preserve our unity, defend our shores and protect our borders.

Permit me to add this addendum:

This piece was first written in 2014. It is interesting to note that the same forces that inflicted all the evils that were listed in this essay on our country are the same ones that supported, funded and forced President Buhari and his APC on us last year in the 2015 Presidential election.

Since then our country has become dangerously and badly divided on ethnic, religious and regional lines and another armed insurgency has begun in the Niger Delta Area by the Avengers whilst the east is boiling with youth that are ready to die for Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB and the establishment of the sovereign state of Biafra.

Worse still our economy has not only been destroyed but our country has gone to the dogs and has beem turned into a North Korean-style dictatorship where dissent is a crime, where human rights and civil liberties have no place, where the rule of law and due process is treated with contempt and impunity, where court orders are breached and ignored, where the members of the opposition, the legislature and the judiciary are hounded by security agencies and sent to jail and detention cells, where the state indulges in mass murder and crimes against humanity, where people live in fear and abject misery and poverty, where the country is being Islamised, where Fulani militias that are loyal to the Fulani President terrorise and kill non-Fulanis at will and where Boko Haram have regained numeroues communities and towns and much of the territory that they lost towards the end of President Jonathan’s tenure.

Our nation has been turned from a beautiful dream into a horrific nightmare and I am constrained to ask the following question again: what have we done to those people that foisted all this evil on us and that wish us so much ill?

Yet God will deliver because, despite all our travails and all that we are going through, He is full of mercy and compassion and He still loves us. It is only a matter of time.