If it is true that the Nigerian wing of the ”Bring Back Our Girls Campaign Group” is the political wing of APC as Chief Audu Ogbeh, the Director General of the Buhari for President Campaign Organisation, has said then some of it’s leading figures have some hard questions to answer.

Whatever happened to their claim of impartiality and neutrality when it comes to political matters? This has proved to be the lie of the century. Some of us knew all along that they were manipulating the system and using the Chibok tragedy just to embarass the Federal Government and the PDP.

I smelt a rat right from the beginning when it was brought to my attention that virtually every single key figure in the Nigerian wing of the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign is an APC member or sympathiser and when I noticed that they constantly shied away from attacking or criticising Boko Haram itself.

Instead of doing that they have channeled all their anger and toxic frustrations towards the Federal Government and saved all their vitriol and hate for the President.

One would have thought that they would blame the terrorists, kidnappers and abductors as much as the security agencies who failed to find the girls and rescue them but this is not the case.

As far as the key figures behind the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign are concerned the Federal Government, who have not been able to return the girls, are demons whilst Boko Haram, who are the ones that actually carried out the abduction and stole our children in the first place, are angels.

This twisted logic is a manifestation of their sheer perfidy and a reflection of their confused minds. They are truly a small handful of heartless people that will do and use anything or any situation to gain some political mileage.

This is so even where the liberty,welfare, future and lives of innocent little children are involved. The truth is that those behind the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign are shedding crocodile tears and they have been doing so for the last few months.

They don’t actually want those girls to be found and brought home because the political party that they represent are getting so much political mileage out of this whole sordid episode. This is sad and unfortunate but it is the bitter truth.

The truth is that I have never seen such callousness and insensitivity. What they are doing is wicked and unspeakable. It is utterly despicable to use the plight of those poor girls for political purposes.

Worse still it is clear to me that Boko Haram, the military wing of the APC, are working closely and in tandem with it’s political wing which, according to Audu Ogbeh, is the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign Organisation.

The former are a bunch of sadistic murderers, beasts, child abductors and rapists who actually carried out the kidnapping and stole our girls from their school in the middle of the night and the latter are a bunch of sanctimonious pretenders who don’t give a hoot about the welfare or well-being of the girls but who instead take pleasure and delight in gloating over the Federal Government’s inability to rescue them.

If the Bring Back Our Girls group really want those girls to be brought back they should talk to their associates in the military wing of their political party, the APC. Audu Ogbeh has confirmed that they are all working together in the same party and for the same evil cause.

From what he has said one thing is clear to me: if enough pressure is brought to bear on the leading figures behind the Bring Back Our Girls Organisation by our security and intelligence agencies they will eventually crack and they will be compelled to bring their immense influence to bear over their associates in Boko Haram to free those girls and return them safely to their homes.

It is time for this motely group of loud opportunists and desperate political jobbers to stop using the tragedy of the Chibok girls for their dirty and shameful criminal agenda and for cheap political mileage.

Meanwhile the good news is that a ceasefire has been announced between the Federal Government and Boko Haram and the girls may well be released very soon.

This came as a consequence of the fact that the Nigerian military finally managed to acquire the weapons that they so badly needed to fight Boko Haram and, having done so, they were able to bring them to their knees.

My counsel has always been that the Federal Government ought to crush Boko Haram utterly, beat them in the field of battle, push them into retreat, bring them to justice and, after all that has been achieved, the terrorists would have no choice but to come begging through their numerous friends and surrogates.

This is precisely what seems to be happening now and I wish that the Jonathan administration had set this process of ‘’getting tough’’ with the islamist terrorists as far back as three years ago. If they had done so many lives would have been saved.

Yet, as they say, it is better late than never and I am delighted with the latest developments and our apparent string of successes and victories in the war against terror.

It appears that Nigeria has survived yet another civil and that those that sought to
turn us into a 6th century caliphate and an ISIL-style Islamic state have failed in their insane, ignoble and thoroughlysordid quest.

The official military wing of the opposition have lost the war, they have been put to shame and Nigeria has prevailed. Next year, when the presidential and gubernatorial elections are held, their political wing, the APC, will also lose woefully and finally meet their waterloo.

This is evidence of the veracity of the profound assertion and ancient spiritual truism that says ‘’darkness cannot overcome light’’. In Nigeria the light is breaking through and the darkness is on the retreat.

The servants of satan and their misguided minions, emissaries, associates and political allies are crawling on their knees, have tugged their tail between their legs and are on the run whilst the sons and daughters of the Living God are on the rise and are witnessing a resounding victory.

The night was dark and full of horrors yet joy, pregnant with God’s unfathomable mercies and blessings, came in the morning. We prayed for peace, we yearned for victory, we cried for mercy and in the end the Ancient of Days, the Lord God of Hosts, the El Shaddai, the Elohim, the Adonai and He that is known as the Man of War answered our prayers. He has done His bit by breaking the ranks of Boko Haram and now it is left for us to do ours.

My prayer is that Boko Haram honors the terms of the ceasefire agreement, that they cease all hostilities, that they stop killing our people, that they drop their arms and surrender and that they release our girls and all the other prisoners of war that are in their custody.

If that happens, and I pray that it does, it will not be as a consequence of the efforts of the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign but as a direct consequence of the prayers of the Nigerian people and the efforts of President Goodluck Jonathan, Colonel Sambo Dasuki his National Security Advisor, our intelligence agencies and the Nigerian Armed Forces .

Our nation has defeated the ebola virus even though our detractors never thought we could do so and now she has defeated Boko Haram even when our foreign friends and partners put obstacles in our way and refused to sell us arms. For this we must give thanks to God.

Now is the time for us to heal our wounds, to forgive one another, to preach peace and unity and to put the evil behind us. Now is the time to put the past behind us, to put our hands to the plough and to build a great nation.

God bless Nigeria and shame on all those that collaborated with the enemy, that joined forces with the demons of hell and that shed the blood and tormented the souls of the innocent.

The declaration of the ceasefire is indeed a thing of joy but that in itself is not a victory. I cannot help but to be swayed by the words of Nnamdi Egbudi when he wrote the following on my facebook community page:

”Reaching a ceasefire agreement with a terrorist group that killed thousands of Nigerians and slit the throats of our Military personnel is not my own definition of victory neither is exchanging the abducted Chibok school girls with terrorist commanders anything to be proud of. For me, the terrorists with all their commanders should be exterminated from the face of the earth as there are no half measures in the quest for peace and security of a Nation”.

I am compelled to agree with Nnamdi’s assertion. Nevertheless the fact that a ceasefire is now in place is cause for cheer. They say that a journey of one thousand miles starts with one step. With this ceasefire in place we have just taken that first step.

May God see us through to the end of the journey and may all those that killed our people at will, terrorised our nation, abducted our children, raped our women and maimed our men be brought to a terrible end.

Permit me to conclude this contribution by pointing out what I would describe as a curious, yet instructive, sequence of events. General Muhammadu Buhari, the leading APC presidential aspirant, the man that wishes to ”spread sharia law to the south” and the man who once said that ”an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the north” declared his Presidential ambition on wednesday, bought his nominaton form on thursday and Boko Haram, the terrorist organisation that he has consistently sought to protect and that he has often expressed some sympathy for, entered into a ceasefire agreement with the Federal Government on friday.

Is this interesting sequence of events a mere coincidence or is there more to it than meets the eye? I guess that only God knows the answer to that question but whichever way we view it we can all agree on at least one thing: the plot seems to thicken by the day.