O child of God, you looked into my eyes and you whispered deeply into my soul. You stirred my spirit and it leapt with joy. You touched my body and the fires began. You kissed my rose and you melted my heart.

You brought me life and you prayed away death. You drove away despair and you ushered in hope. You wiped away my tears and you brought me joy.You have lived your life for me and yet you have so much to offer the world.

I feel as if I am holding you back. Do you know that anywhere that you go you will flourish? Any endeavour that you set your heart to achieve, you will surely achieve. Any enterprise that you touch will meet with good success.

This is because you have God’s favour and anointing upon you and you are blessed. I am beginning to feel as if I am falling behind but please don’t let my challenges hold you back. I leave my fate to God who has never failed me.

As unworthy as I am I will never be ashamed. Yet you have the world at your feet so just go for it and make sure that you achieve your ambitions and your full potentials .I look at your vision, insight and power of creativity and I marvel.

I see your ability to deny self, to endure and to communicate with the Living God and I am as amazed as I am humbled. You simply cannot be held down or defeated by the rigours of life: you will always prevail.

God brought you into my life just to show me how good and wonderful some people can be because all I have ever known, apart from you, is failure, rejection, betrayal, abuse, pain, scandal, misrepresentation and hostility.

The Lord has shown me, through your shining example that the beautiful ones with kind, compassionate and generous hearts, though few, still exist in this ugly and cruel world.

They are known as the true daughters of Zion, the daughters of prophecy, the warriors of the Lord whose mission in life is to bring hope to the hopeless and to effect God’s plan and purpose for humanity and for this world.

They are the handmaidens of God: a scourge to the daughters of Jezebel and Dalilah, a terror to the mistresses of sorcery and witchcraft and a tormentor to the wicked one, the accuser of the brethren, the whispering serpent, Lucifer, satan, the fallen morning star himself.

You are undeniably one of those beautiful daughters of Zion: the fearless and faithful vessels of joy and carriers of light and I am very proud of you. As for me, I am nothing but a simple and undeserving poet- warrior, a grateful beneficiary of God’s manifold grace and wonderful blessings.

Yet the God of Heaven knows that I live for Him, for you and for all my loved ones and I WILL DO ANYTHING in my power to effect His purpose in this evil world and to protect you all for as long as I live.

This is because you have brought immeasurable joy to a life that has been so dented, abused and scarred by failure, betrayal, envy and hatred. This is because you chose to have faith in me when others had given up and had no hope in me.”He is finished” they said in 1993 and you boldly said that “no, he is not”.

“Leave him because he is not going anywhere again” they said in 1996 and you told them, with confidence, faith and authority that “I will not and he will still go far”.

May God bless you forever for those prophetic words of faith for it is indeed those simple yet powerful words that have taken me to where I am today and have kept me going, even when I had lost faith in myself.

You are a blessing and one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my turbulent and complex life. May God not forsake me and may He give me the power, the opportunity, the ability and the strength to give you the very best that this world has to offer.

Yet with or without me you will get the best because daughters of Zion are God’s secret angels and they can never fail. You will get the best because you are the reason that the Lord has done so much for me.

I am not worthy of Him or His presence but you, so perfect, so faithful and so kind are deserving of all that He has to offer both in this world and in the world to come. It is Him you need and not me.

I am just a part and an aspect of what is and what will be your great and glorious life. I pray that you do not forsake or forget that “part and aspect” and that you will continue to have faith in him and not leave him behind.

God bless you now and always and remember that you are destined for greatness and great you will be. I will love you forever.