I have been in Umuahia since tuesday morning spending some good quality time with my friend and brother Governor Theodore Orji.
He and I went to Ohafia today to attend a grand reception held in honor of Chief Ojo Maduekwe, the former Minister of Transport, the former Minister of Culture and Tourism, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and our serving Ambassador to Canada.

Ohafia is Maduekwe’s home town and what a wonderful and charming place it is. Both Ohafia and Abriba (which is just next door) are really beautiful places and the people are so warm and friendly.
Both towns are high up in the hills of northern Abia state in the eastern part of our country and frankly I have never seen as many grand and beautiful hill top mansions in one place before.
It is like something from the great epic film titled ”Gone With The Wind”. You need to see Maduekwe’s beautiful country home too.
It is simply extraordinary. The igbo are truly amazing people and I am very proud of their sense of pride in their language, their culture, their history and their noble and illustrious heritage.
We have put the issue of the igbo/yoruba debate far behind us now and thankfully I am now at peace with my igbo brothers and sisters again. I give thanks to God.
Ohafia mmamma….. Igbo kwenu.

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