i have a word for my Islamist friend. Let me put it to you from the outset that you do not in any way represent the great faith of Islam. As a matter of fact I do not believe that islamists and islamic fundamentalists are Muslims at all, just as I don’t believe that Hitler was a christian.

I have read your extremely provocative and unduly aggressive comments about Christians, moderate Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jews, western education, the west, Africa and the state of Israel and I would strongly suggest that you keep such disjointed verbiage and proselytising hype for an Islamist website and not try to sell it to us here. I am sorry to say this but you are obviously confused and deluded: you say that the Arabs defeated the Roman empire and of course this never happened. Most of what you said, with due respect, is pure distortion, disinformation and falsehood which those that think like you regularly feed themselves with to make themselves feel better about their sorry plight today and the obvious challenges that they are facing in a modern world. You say the Persians were never defeated? You are wrong. Alexander the Great certainly taught them a lesson or two didn’t he? He completely subdued them, conquered them and took away their land, their chattels, their dignity and their wives and children.
You talk about the great Arab warrior and leader Salahudeen and his great conquests and victories in Jerusalem and throughout the Middle East and I agree with you that he was a truly remarkable and humane man and he was a formidable and effective adversary. But what about the great victories of King Richard the Lionheart in Palestine, the fortitude of the Knights Templars, the capturing of Jerusalem and the total slaughter of all those in that great city when the crusaders took the place (which was totally uncivilised, unacceptable and barbaric )? I can give you a list of similar acts of barbarity committed by the Islamists against their own moderate fellow Muslims, Christians and Jews over the centuries but that is not the point here. You talk about the defeat of the Soviets by the mujahedeen in Afghanistan. Well was it not the Christian west that armed them, encouraged them, organised them and supported them through Pakistan against Soviet aggression or do u think that their clubs, camels and spears alone did the job? In any case the Soviets were communists and were therefore godless but when faced with a well equipped and praying modern western army, as they are today, not only were the Taliban government completely and utterly routed but the Taliban themselves are now on the run living in little caves on the border with Pakistan. What glory or victory lies in that? I thank God that the overwhelming majority of Muslims in the world, whether it be in India, Pakistan, the Gulf states, Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, Jordan, Lebanon, Algeria, Nigeria and so on and so forth are decent, civilised and disciplined people who do not indulge in the sort of silly and childish historical revisionism that u are attempting to do here and who do not have Islamist and fundamentalist tendencies that u clearly harbour. They also mostly live in secular states (e.g. India, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore, Algeria, Nigeria etc.) which I happen to believe is the very best thing. You say Islam is a religion of peace and I agree with you wholeheartedly but the extreemist and lunatic fringe of Islam which believes in slaughtering innocent people including women and children and which is led and represented by the likes of Osama Bin Ladin, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Al Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf, F.I.S, Boko Haram, the Taliban and other Islamist groups and leaders, continue to misrepresent true Islam and they are giving it a bad name in exactly the same way that Adolf Hitler gave Christianity a bad name when he gassed and burnt alive 6 million Jews. Such extremists and madmen surely have no place in the civilised world regardless of their justifications. This is most regrettable but it is the truth and the way you are talking here I suspect that you are one of them. Are you sure that you are allowed to even have any communication and discussions let alone debates with “infidels” like us? Please stop getting so excited and stop trying to pass off pure falsehood as history. And history or no history, Israel is the power of the Middle East today and no country in the world let alone a corrupt, divided and theocratic Iran can touch them and get away with it. As I said earlier this is because the God of Heaven, Jehovah Himself is with them and He will never forsake them.
Again your assertion that Israel killed 6 million Palestinians is not only mendacious and blatant falsehood but it is also a brazen lie. Even the most right wing of all the political parties in Israel have accepted the fact that Palestine, as a separate state, is something that must be accepted, hence the two state solution has been adopted by all the Jews and all the moderate Arabs. There are over 1 million Arabs peacefully and happily living in Israel and there are even Arabs in the Israeli parliament and successive cabinets so one wonders what are u talking about? I really do fail to see or appreciate your point here. The state of Israel has made a lasting peace with Jordan and Egypt and it is more or less on reasonably good terms with Mahmud Abbas and his Fatah government in the West Bank. The truth is that the better part of the Arab world is trying to work at making peace with Israel and both sides have accepted that the other has the right to exist and to live in peace and with security. The problem, as always, is the lunatic fringe of the Arab world such as the Sunni Islamist and Hamas- controlled government in Gaza, the Shia Islamist and Hezbollah- controlled region of southern Lebanon, the baathist and Arab nationalist controlled government of Syria and of course the Persians themselves who are bankrolling, openly arming and actively supporting all these extremist movements, terrorist governments and fundamentalist hardliners. They do not even believe that the Jewish state has the right to exist or that the Jews have the right to live. So what makes them any different to Hitler? And then of course there is Sunni Islamist Al Qaeda which does not just believe in wiping out Israel but in also islamising the whole world.
The most amazing thing is that all these extremist groups hate the moderate and reasonable muslim Arab population just as much as they hate the Jews. They actually regard them as sell outs. It is these extremists that are the problem of the world today and their champions in the international arena are firstly Osama Bin Laden and a close second is Mahmoud Ahmadenijad. As regards your assertion that Iran and Israel would just eliminate one another if a conflict were to erupt between them, please wake up from your inglorious and self-induced slumber: Israel has the knowhow, the power and the capability to flatten the whole of Iran totally in the space of 24 hours. Every single Iranian city has a nuclear warhead pointed and homed in on it as we speak and those cities would cease to exist at the touch of a button. And the Jews can do this with or without the Americans. Iran has absolutely no military capability to take on Israel even in a conventional war let alone a nuclear one. It is only the international community and world public opinion that is restraining them from being far more violent and aggressive against the Arabs and the Persians. All the Arabs and the Iranians put together cannot defeat Israel militarily- make no mistake about that. The Arabs have tried it in the past and they have failed and they will always fail because God is with the state of Israel and He guards them jealously. It really is as simple as that. The only way forward is for all sides to sue for peace and to stop indulging in vain and fanciful fantasies about blowing the state of Israel off the surface of the earth. Can you imagine the sheer horror that would be unleashed on the world if one of these extreme terrorist groups or if Ahmadenijad’s Iran got its hands on a nuclear weapon and actually decided to use it?