Israel has been attacked 3 times since 1948 by all the surrounding Arab countries put together and each time they crushed the Arabs. The problem is that unlike others the Jews are facing an “existential” threat: that is to say that they cannot afford to lose even once otherwise they will be wiped out completely. They are surrounded by enemies, they are hated by those around them who do not believe that they have the right to exist, they have no where else on the planet to go, they are heavily outnumbered and they are the only democracy in the Middle East.

Given all this u can surely appreciate their paranoia and their deep concerns about security. They captured plenty of land from the neighbouring Arab states during these wars (which they did not start) and yet each time they gave any of it back to the Arabs (as was the case with Gaza and southern Lebanon) that land was always used as a launching pad of aggression and terror against them. Is it surprising then that they have refused to give the Golan Heights and the Sheba farms area back to the Syrians? Ahmadenijad says Iran has never attacked or been an aggressor against it’s neigbours? He is being dishonest: the sheer size, strength and power of the Persian nation itself has always been a great cause of concern for the Arab gulf states and rightfully so.

Only Saddam Hussein, in the whole of Arab and Sunni muslim history, had the guts and firepower to stand up to Shiia Iran and it cost both him and the Persians dearly. Did Iran not launch a vicious, bloody and protracted war against Iraq at the end of which over one million people were killed? Is Iran not fighting a proxy war against Israel today by supporting, funding, arming and encouraging Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon? Are they not the ones that supply the katusha rockets that are fired into Israel on a daily basis? Are they not the ones that are backing, arming and supplying the deadly Shiite militia’s and death squads led by Mouktar Al Sadr and others in Iraq today? Do the Sunni Muslims of Iraq and the Arab Gulf States not live in terror of Iranian expansion, aggression and power today? Why do u think that even Al Qaeda is fighting the Iranian backed Shiite militias in Iraq?

The most dangerous threat to world peace today is for that mad man (and by the way I have met him and I had the opportunity to look into his eyes and I know what I saw) to acquire nuclear weapons. It would be extremely dangerous and it would change the balance of power in the world as we know it today. I say that he is insane because firstly he has expressed the desire to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and secondly he has denied the incontrovertible fact that the holocaust ever took place. That is completely vicious and insensitive of him because he knows very well that it did and that 6 million Jews were gassed and burnt to death by a mad man called Hitler.

Now we have another mad man who wants to “wipe Israel off the face of the earth” and people expect the world to sit back quietly and allow them to acquire the means to do so through the procurement of nuclear weapons? That is just not happening. You may either hate the Jews or just dislike and object to the philosophy of zionism but surely they have the right to live, to exist and to have their own country? They are after all human beings as well. And please don’t get me wrong: I have condemned Israeli aggression on this wall and elsewhere on many occassions as it is often disproportionate and unnecessary.

I have also expressed my utter disgust when the Jews did unforgiveable things like using the Lebanese christian militia (the famouse Christian Phalange) to openly and barbarically slaughter thousands of innocent muslim and palestinian Arabs at the refugee camps of Shatilla and Sabra but that does not give anyone the right to deny the Jewish state the right to exist. Even in Israel itself the overwhelming majority of people condemn such atrocities and many are looking for peace with the Arabs. Have we forgotten the efforts of great Jewish leaders like Yizthak Rabin who made peace with Egypt and Jordan and who was killed for it? That peace still lasts till today. Have we forgotten that Anwar Sadat of Egypt was also killed because he accepted Rabin’s offer of peace? There are men of peace on both sides and they are all trying to contain their respective groups of hardliners and extremists and then some mad man wants to start off the third world war by threatening to wipe out Israel? It can never happen. Never!