The Dana Air crash and the recent lifting of it’s suspension from flying in Nigeria has once again brought to the fore the issue of plane crashes and the safety of air travel in our country. The fact of the matter is that ninety nine per cent of fatal air crashes that have occured in Nigeria in the last 10 years have taken place on a weekend.

The question is why is this so? Is it a mere coincidence or is there something more to it? What is it that is so different about those three precious days of friday, saturday and sunday that make up our weekends? What is it that makes planes and helicopters drop from our skies, that causes the blood of our people to flow and that cuts short so many precious lives during the course of those three days? The facts are as follows. EAS Airline crashed in Kano on May 4th 2002 resulting in the loss of 77 souls. This took place on a weekend.

An Aenail spray aircraft belonging to Berfieex Nigeria crashed in Bauchi state on March 6th 2004 with the loss of all the souls that were on board. This was on a weekend. A Nigerian Airforce jet crashed into some farmland in Yar Kanya, Kano state on Jan 28th 2005 resulting in the loss of the souls on board. This took place on a weekend. Bellview Airlines crashed in Lisa village just outside Lagos on 22oct 2005 resulting in the loss of 117 souls. This took place on a weekend. Sosolisso Airline crashed in Port Harcourt on 10 December 2005 resulting in the loss of 108 souls. This took place on a weekend. ADC Airline crashed in Abuja on 29th Oct. 2006 resulting in the loss of 105 souls. This took place on a weekend.

An aircraft belonging to Harka Air crashed in Lagos on June 24th 2005 with the loss of all the souls on board. This took place on a weekend. A Nigerian military plane crashed in Oko village, Benue state on Sept. 17th 2006 with the loss of 15 Generals of the Nigerian Army. This took place on a weekend. An OAS service helicopter crashed in Warri, Delta state on Nov. 10th 2006 with the loss of 4 souls. This took place on a weekend. Wings Aviation Airline crashed on March 15th 2008 in Cross Rivers state with the loss of 6 souls. This took place on a weekend. In 2009 and 2010 there were a series of small light aircraft crashes, an Airforce jet crash and helicopter crashes that all resulted in the loss of souls. They mostly took place on a weekend.

An OAS Helicopter crashed in Ife Odan in Osun state on 29th July 2011 resulting in the loss of 3 souls. This took place on a weekend. On June 2nd 2012 A Nigerian cargo plane shot off the runway into the highway behind Accra’s Kotoka Int. Airport resulting in the death of 10 Ghanaian nationals that were driving past the airport in a bus. This took place on a weekend. The following day on June 3rd 2012 Dana Airlines crashed into a residential area in the suburbs of Lagos resulting in the loss of 176 souls. This took place on a weekend.
Curiously the Dana crash of June 3rd 2012 took place exactly 10 years and one month (less one day) after the EAS crash of 4th May 2002 had taken place. This clearly represents the end of a 10 year sacrificial cycle. Another curious fact is that there had been an earlier ADC Airline plane crash on 7th November 1996 in which 142 souls had perished. Exactly 10 years (less 9 days) later, on 29th Oct 2006, another ADC Airline plane crashed with the loss of 105 souls. This again represents the end of a ten year sacrificial cycle. If the skeptics are ready to waive away the weekend crash phenomenon as a mere coincidence that has nothing to do with the paranormal what would they say about the ten year cycle? Is that a coincidence too?

I do not seek to create panic, alarm or fear by sharing this information and neither do I wish to disrespect the dead or to be insensitive to their loved ones. I rather believe that we have a duty to find out and expose precisely who and what was responsible for their deaths and to do all we can to ensure that such terrible things and such strange patterns of events do not reoccur. We owe both the living and the dead that much. Without digging deep, looking within ourselves, indulging in spiritual reflection and thinking outside the box we cannot possibly do this. Quite apart from that I am very mindful of the fact that knowledge is power and we need to begin to gather all the relevant facts and do the research in order to fully appreciate and understand precisely what we are dealing with. All that is done in darkness must be brought to light and all that is hidden must be exposed. Secrecy, strange practices, spiritual wickedness in high places, rituals, sacrifice, ignorance, occultism and mysticism must give way to the power and workings of the Holy Spirit and to the light of truth.

They say to solve a problem one must first recognise it for what it is. In order to break this jinx and free ourselves from this strange pattern of events and frightful cycle of crashes the Aviation authorities must continue to work very hard, the necessary reforms must be put in place, the airline operators must be far more mindful of their responsibilities, the flying public must be far more vigilant and, most important of all, we must all pray to the Living God to keep our airspace and our air travellers safe and sound. The importance and efficacy of such prayers cannot be overemphasised if this evil cycle and pattern is to be broken.

The great philosopher C.S. Lewis once said that the greatest trick that the devil ever played on mankind was to make him accept the idea that he does not exist. Many have fallen for that trick yet the sad truth is that he not only exists but that he is also alive and well on planet earth. Worst still he has many followers and many delight in doing his bidding. After the attack on the United States of America on September 11, 2001 George W. Bush said the following famous words, ‘’It is enough to know that evil, like good, exists. In those that do such things, evil has found a willing servant’’. This is wisdom. Sadly evil has found many willing servants in our beloved country Nigeria. May the souls of those that have perished in our skies continue to rest in perfect peace. Happy flying.