In rain or shine, in war or peace, in good or bad, in pleasure or pain, in plenty or want: never regret anything and always put on a brave and strong smile, confounding your enemies and giving thanks to God.

Never let your guard down and always remember that lions do not back down or take prisoners when they face their adversaries or when they are caught in a fight.

Instead they stand firm, never retreating, and they fight to the end either securing a great and glorious victory or die trying in the process.

When faced with the challenges of life, like Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’, spit in the wind and proclaim,

“I shall fight until the flesh be hacked from my bones and damned be he who first cries hold!”

Again like Henley’s ‘Invictus’ proclaim to the world that “my head may be bloodied but it is not bowed!”

Fear nothing, no-one and no circumstance and never forget that the Lord is mighty in battle and that He always stands with His own.

Again always remember that they say, “who dares wins” and that “fortune favours the bold”.

Always remember to be unflinching, to be courageous and to be stong in battle and never forget that our Lord is a “Man of War”.

Always remember that darkness and evil, no matter how well-presented, well-packaged, well-promoted or well-proclaimed, can never defeat or overcome God’s glorious light or His mercy, love, blessings and goodness.

Again always remember to be merciful, compassionate and kind to those that are vulnerable, that are weak and that are in need, to those that tread the path of peace and love and even to those amongst them that seek your hurt.

Love the unlovable, help the poor, be charitable and generous to the needy, speak for the voiceless and fight for the defenceless.

Do these things and the Lord shall fight for you, smite down your enemies and reward you with great victories.

He is faithful, He is true, He is God and he NEVER forsakes His own.

On Christ the solid Rock I stand: all other ground is sinking sand!