David Cameron

The imbecile called David Cameron, who is a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, needs to be taught a lesson or two. He also needs to be reminded about the sordid and filthy history of his country.

Just one example will suffice. The powers that “saved” Libya from Mu’ammer Ghaddafi, including France, America and Great Britain, are now lifting oil and gas from Libya without payment!

They have also looted Gaddafi’s foreign reserves in excess of US$700 billion dollars!

What could be more corrupt, perfidious, monstrous and evil than this? You took over another country and left it in chaos for the sole purpose of pillaging, sharing and stealing its resources. And this happened under Cameron’s watch as Prime Minister!

Boris Johnson

Again when he was Prime Minister Cameron described Nigeria as being “fantastically corrupt”. When I listened to him say this on the BBC I didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

His debilitating insolence and staggering hypocrisy reflected the deep and inherent racism and double standard that his ilk are known to stand for and represent.

What else can you expect from an individual that is one step removed from peasant stock and is little more than a grasping and ill-bred plebian who made good?

What else can you expect from a man who failed to make it into Harrow and ended up going to Eton?

Winston Churchill

What else can you expect from a man who couldn’t make it into Cambridge an ended up going to Oxford?

Cameron has always been second best, has always attended the second best and has always had the second best.

He has never been the best or had the best in his entire life: he has been a distant second all the way. He was also a second rate Prime Minister of a second rate and fading Western Power which lost its glamour and glory many years ago.

There was nothing great, Churchillian or Thatcherite about David Cameron. Even Tony Blair, with all his resplendent self-serving mendacities, shone like a bright star when compared to him.

Cameron and his “Englander” brothers are the last people that should judge or cast aspertions on Nigeria and the Nigerian people. This is especially so given the fact that they contributed immensely to many of our problems.

Magret Thatcher

The truth is that in the history of the world there is no country on earth that has been more viciously overbearing, manipulative, calculating, self-serving, subversive and corrupt than the United Kingdom.

If you doubt that find out what they did to India, Africa, China, the Middle East, Indo-China, the Caribbean, Ireland, the United States and all their other colonies for over 100 years before independence, find out their role in the slave trade, find out how much “corrupt” money from “corrupt” Third World leaders they have insisted on keeping in their banks and find out why the City of London is known as the money laundering capital of the world till today.

The United Kingdom’s wealth, power and economy, over the last 200 years, was built on the sweat, blood, treasure and labour of African slaves, Indian resources and all manner of loot and treasure stolen from her former colonies.

Without those colonies and the pillaging, raping and enslaving of other nations in the name of expanding the frontiers of the “great” British Empire, the United Kingdom would have just been a little known island in the North Sea and she would have amounted to little or nothing.

These are lessons that imbeciles like David Cameron still need to learn. If any nation can be described as being “fantastically corrupt” and built on nothing but gratuitous violence, coercion, fraud, deceit, hypocrisy, piracy, doublespeak and subterfuge, it is Great Britain and not Nigeria.