You are one in a million. Brilliant, courageous, honest to a fault, irrepressable, unbeatable, thorough, well-bred, well-educated, strong, humble, kind, fearless, enigmatic and blessed. You are Queen Amina, Boudicca, Moremi, Esther and Joan D’Arc all rolled into one. No circumstance or situation can move you. You are as comfortable with kings as you are with paupers.

You judge a man or woman not by the circumstances of his or her birth but by the contents of his or her character. You are moved by nothing and by no-one. There is no other Kemi Omololu-Oluloyo but you and until the end of time there can be no other. You are unique. You are a blessing to your friends and a terror to your enemies.

Full of emotion and wracked by pain, yet you still go on. You are indescribable. You do not just have class but you are class itself. A shining diamond that the unlearned and the undiscerning see as a rolling stone. You are a servant of truth despised by many in a society that hates truth and that fears and reviles those that speak it.

Yet you keeping going on because you are driven by your passion for goodness, justice and excellence. Many may not appreciate you but I do because I see you for what you are and I understand you. It is an honour for me to count myself as one of your closest friends in a society where true friends are so few and fleeting and temporary associates are so many. You are Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo and there is none like you. Simply put- you are magnificent.

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