I heard about the plane crash in Lagos today and I am in a state of utter shock and in the deepest pain. I lost numerous friends in that crash. I have said and written so much about plane crashes in Nigeria over the years and I have nothing more to say about it other than to extend my condolences to those that lost their loved ones. These things are predictable and avoidable but it appears that in the final analysis, in Nigeria, no-one really cares and no-one listens.

To my friends that perished in this terrible crash I say the folowing- may God have mercy upon you. May He forgive you of all your sins. May He cause His face to shine upon you. May He grant you peace eternal. May you abide with Him in eternity. May your souls be blessed forever. May the watchman and the boatman grant you safe passage into the higher realms. May the halls of Valhalla, where the brave shall live forever, be open unto to you.

May you never be forgotten and may your name wax strong in our hearts and minds from generation to generation. May the memory of your beautiful smiles continue to give us strength and bring us hope. You were a real blessing to so many. Rest in peace. Until we meet again.