On the 5th of November 2022, Dino Melaye said the following words to the Punch Newspaper.

“I call on the leading presidential candidates to submit themselves to medical fitness examination, including narcotics examination.

I call on the NDLEA Chairman, Buba Marwa, to take Atiku and Tinubu for drug tests because anyone who will be our president must be free of drugs.

This is important as our country is battling the scourge of drug abuse. Tinubu is not fit. I challenge him to a medical examination and Atiku will do same.

We want to see if Tinubu’s pronouncement of agbado, cassava and 50 million youths to be employed in the army and people tweeting on WhatsApp are mere statements or they were made out of mental imbalance.

Aso Rock is looking for a healer, not a patient. Nigerians don’t want another president that will be visiting London every week and cause us economic and social distractions.” (CONCLUDED).

Is there any lie that Dino Melaye, the sodomy-loving spokesman of the Atiku/Okowa presidential campaign organisation, will not tell?

Is there anything that this village idiot will not say?

Is there any mendacity that he will not indulge in?

Is there anything that is too low for even him?

Why am I not surprised by this clowns grave and irredeemable level of mental degeneration?

Does he know the meaning of the word decency and does he appreciate the importance of setting standards and maintaining boundaries?

What type of home does he come from or was he brought up in the village toilet?

Did he ever go to school?

Is there anything that he is incapable of saying or doing?

Is he alright upstairs?

Does he not need help and quick medical attention?

He falsely accuses Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, of taking drugs but are he and his master Atiku not the ones that are certified addicts?

Is this not the classic case of the pot calling the kettle black?

If you say nothing else about Asiwaju you can at least say he does not spend most of his time in distant Arab lands, playing with little boys, blowing his mind, smoking sisha and God knows what else, having orgies, living like a feudal lord and maintaining expensive hareems.

No-one in his right mind can accuse Tinubu of such things.

Dino behaves like a thug and a belly dancer all rolled into one.

He hops, dances and prances around Atiku as if he is his wife.

Yet that is not enough for him.

He is his bride at night and he doubles as his thug, bodyguard and area spokesman in the day.

They sit together, eat together, travel together, dance together, hold hands together, bleach together, play together, plot and plan together and, I have been reliably informed, do many other deeply troubling things together which I will not, at least for now, mention here.

They are a beautifil couple indeed and one big happy family.

Atiku is the silent, strong, introverted, shy, reticent and dependable husband and provider whilst Dino is the vulgar, loud, brash, aggressive, outgoing, flashy, paparazzi-loving, diamond-wearing, gold-displaying, fire-spittng and thoroughly repugnant and repulsive ‘area fish wife’ who publicly strips naked, throws wild tantrums and experiences a traumatic and dramatic degeneration of mental faculties and meltdown whenever anyone dares to criticise her husband or speaks and writes the bitter truth about him.

That is why he (or do I refer to him as ‘she’?) is prepared to say and do anything for his ‘man’ including peddling falsehood and constantly telling the world the puerile and infantile lie that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed’s health is so bad that he is not only suffering from Parkinson’s disease, that he is not only senile, that he is not only too ill and thoroughly unfit to lead our country but that he is also on the brink of death.

These lies are truly from the pit of hell and how a presidential spokesman is so ready and quick to peddle and indulge in them beggars belief.

This is especially so given the fact that when compared to Atiku Abubakar, the Jagaban is as fit as a fiddle.

And unlike the former Vice President he has nothing to hide, he has no skeletons in his cupboard, he does not visit the dark places and he is pure in body, spirit and soul.

Atiku cannot come anywhere near Asiwaju in terms of his mental or physical virility or acumen.

Whether mentally, physically or spiritually Atiku is very far behind.

Worse of all he lacks intellectual substance.

All you need to do is speak to him for ten minutes to know that his head is totally empty and that there is nothing between his ears.

The man knows nothing. He is dangerously shallow.

Other than flying all over the world with his men friends and living like an Arab Sheik whist surrounded by slaves like Dino the man is as hollow and dull as a barrel.

No matter what you say about Tinubu he has never betrayed those that helped him to power.

He is loyal to his own to a fault whilst Atiku does not know the meaning of the word.

Consider what he did to President Obasanjo.

When he and his boyfriends attempt to mock the Jagaban on issues of health I laugh and shake my head with pity for them.

The truth is that Asiwaju is so far ahead of Atiku in this and every other respect and they know it.

As each day passes their collective ignorance, pettiness, idiocy and weaknesses are becoming more and more manifest.

A man that cannot hold his own party together wants to be President.

A man that cannot empathise with the suffering of the people and that gloats when people are suffering and when there is turmoil in the land cannot be trusted with power.

A man that is trying to give the impression that he was part and parcel of Obasanjo’s success as President when in actual fact he was trying to frustrate that Government’s efforts to improve the lives of our people is nothing less than treacherous and deceitful and he cannot be trusted with power.

May God deliver our nation from the clutches of such a creature.

The Atiku camp know that Jagaban will win this election hands down and as each day passes it is getting clearer.

That is why they are so jittery.

That is why they resort to nothing but falsehood, insults and abuse.

That is why the only thing they talk about is Jagaban’s health and age.

We want a campaign that centres on issues but Atiku and his men friends do not even know the meaning of the word.

His team are ignorant, uncouth, disrespectful and utterly primitive and nothing reflects or manifests that more than the vituperations and asinine contributions of his garrolous, thuggish and indisciplined spokesman.

He and Dino fit each other.

They are husband and wife.

Yet they are not the issue and neither do we care about what they say or do.

For us the issue is our beloved country Nigeria and the only person in the race that we can trust with the destiny of 200 million Nigerians is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

We must never make the mistake of putting our nation in the hands of a power-obssesed, overambitious, subversive and dangerous megalomaniac like Atiku who knows nothing about the modern age, who behaves like a feudal lord and who has been trying to be President for the last 30 years.

The Nigerian people deserve far better than that.

(Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, Director Special Media Operations, Special Media Projects and New Media, Tinubu/Shettima Presidential Campaign Council.)