I leave that for you to judge but let me tell you I do not fear anything, whether it be persecution, misrepresentation or even death. I passed that stage long ago. As long as Jesus is on the throne I fear nothing. I served my country as honestly and diligently as I could. My team and I worked extremely hard and gave four years of our lives to Nigeria working night and day at great risk to our lives and families. If some people somewhere hate Obasanjo and hate us for working for him and defending him then that is their problem not mine.

I have absolutely nothing against Yar’adua’s Government, a government that I, Nasir El Rufai, Nuhu Ribadu, Akin Oshuntokun, Uba Sanni and many others helped to install, but let the God of all that is, He that is more than able, He that sees and knows all and from whom nothing is hidden, the God of all flesh, the God that sits above the circles of the earth and who rules in the affairs of men, let Him be the judge between us all. Let Him tell you if we are being persecuted or not and if so let Him tell you why and who by because nothing is hidden from Him.

In any case even if we are being persecuted what is the big deal because others have been persecuted before us and some have survived it and others have not, so what is the big deal? Was Obasanjo not persecuted before he became President? Was our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ Himself not persecuted before His ascension? Have others like Shehu Musa Yar’adua (the President’s own older brother and a man that I loved and respected) and Moshood Abiola (a man whose only crime it was to have won an election fair and square) and so many others not been persecuted, locked up and even killed before us? So what is the big deal? Honestly I don’t lose sleep over such matters because nothing can happen to me unless God allows it and God always has His plan and His purpose for everything.

Everything has its time and season but the assurance we have from our God when facing such difficult times and challenges is that “this too shall pass”. I have absolute faith in God and I know that I will not die until my work on earth is done and I cannot be destroyed by anyone because God is with me. Another thing is certain, I chose to remain in Nigeria through all this and no one can ever chase me away or make me leave the land of my forefathers and the nation and people that I love so much. I will live in Nigeria and I will die in Nigeria because she belongs to us all.