The history of free men was not made by chance but by choice. If we really want to be free we must find the courage to resist the tyranny and evil that has overwhelmed and pervaded our land and we must muster the will to reject slavery and servitude.

It is not just about electing a new President but also about insisting on equity, justice, fair play and equal rights for all Nigerians, regardless of tribe or faith.

And in our collective quest for liberty and freedom we must never forget that an army of lions, led by a sheep, will always fail whilst an army of sheep, led by a lion, will always prevail.

Whatever happens tomorrow and whoever ends up being elected as President, may God bless our noble cause and may He guide, deliver and defend our people as we continue the struggle.

May His will be done, may His purpose be established, may His counsel stand and may His name be glorified in our lives and in our nation.