Oh dear…….the Americans have now been caught spying on even their European friends. The American National Security Agency (aka ”No Such Agency”) have bugged the telephones and internet activities of government officials, government buildings and foreign embassies of their closest allies in the world. The Europeans, quite rightly, have not taken the matter lightly.

The reaction of the French President, the German Chancellor and the President of the European Commission has been one of absolute outrage and they have all wholeheartedly condemned the behaviour of the Americans in very harsh terms. All these illegal acts and dark secrets were exposed by Edward Snowden’s revelations about the new PRISM system that the Obama administration is now using to spy on every individual and every government in the world. The implications of this are frightful and obvious to even the dullest amongst us. Frankly speaking it is disgraceful.
Now I ask- where are the defenders of America now and where are the Obama-lovers? Will they seek to defend this illegal, despicable and treacherous act of the Americans (who are prepared to go as low as to spy even on their own allies) as well? Shame on them, shame on America and kudos to Snowden. He has exposed the illegal and indefensible acts of the American state and he has proved to the world that they seek to secretly watch, monitor and record the activities of every single non- American on the planet.

It is left to the rest of us to either accept it sheepishly or to resist it with our loud protests until we get our privacy and security back. May God deliver the world from the power of the Americans.