Boko Haram: The Enemy Within

Modern Ghana, January 25, 2012
by Femi Fani- Kayode.
Boko Haram say they have ”no problem with Jonathan” yet they are killing his people like flies, destabilising his country, bringing his government to it’s knees, destroying national unity and cohesion, waging a relentless religious and ethnic war against the state and committing genocide and ethnic cleansing against a section of the population.

These people, and those at the highest level of government and the society that secretly support and encourage them, are seised of the devil and there is no truth in them. They have come only to kill, steal and destroy. They and those they represent need to be crushed and exterminated like cockroaches. Like the Agagites and Canaanites of old they and their pagan gods need to be wiped out and removed from the face of the earth. They are the darkness that seeks the darkness-demons in human flesh that have no regard for human life and that delight in the shedding of innocent blood.
They are utterly evil and they have no place in God’s glorious light or in the land of the living. And make no mistake about it. Boko Haram and their secret backers, supporters and financers are everywhere. They are the enemy within. They are in our Armed Forces, our security agencies, our Central Bank, our intelligentsia, our government and our political elites. They are heartless vampires all. And in the name of God the Great, the Living God, the Lord of Hosts, the Glory of Israel and the Lion of the Tribe of Judah they shall be exposed and destroyed.