Death is a leveller. I have come to the conclusion that life is far too short for us to waste our time on distractions and on inconsequential issues and people that add no value to our existence.

We must drop such people and such distractions like hot potatoes and we must dump them as quickly as possible. We must cast out every rotten apple that was ever in our lives and we must live for our loved ones and for our God alone. We must let go of the venal and the accursed things that offend God and that attract His wrath. We must let everyone know their place in the scheme of things and we must let water find it’s level. We must always remember that betrayal, gossip, slander, backbiting, murmuring, ingratitude and deceit are the language of slaves.

The wicked shall no longer eat our bread and we must stop the slaves from eating at our table. We must not allow the terrible mistakes of yesterday and the unfortunate choices of yesteryear to affect our today and to blight our tomorrow. And finally we must always remember that treachery always kills those who initiate it.