“If President Buhari had not exercised the restraint and tolerance of a father we would have been talking about something else in this country. The rivers of Nigeria could have turned crimson and mourning and lamentations would have suffused the land. But we are thankful for the father in President Buhari, patient and enduring almost to a fault”- Mr. Femi Adesina, Special Advisor on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, 13th Nov. 2020.

You say that we should thank God that your father and our President is gracious and that he did not slaughter our people and unleash mayhem, mourning and lamentations into the land? Nothing points to your collective depravity and insanity more than this.

Are you aware of the implications of what you are saying? Are democratically-elected Presidents meant to threaten their people with mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide?

Did your father and master do us a favour by allowing us to live and by not butchering us simply for criticising him?

This is a new low but I am not in the least bit surprised. Such vile thoughts and savage intentions are firmly entrenched in the DNA and subterranean mindset of your Government and human life, which is sacred, means nothing to you.

Violence, or the threat of it, should have no place in your words and the blood of our people should not be traded for power.

Now I challenge you to let your father do his worse. Do you know that God is a great defender and avenger? Let the crimson wave that you threaten come and let the rivers of blood that you speak of so boastfully flow. I say it again: do your worse!

Unleash your cruel, calculated and premeditated wickedness and your bloodlusting and sociopathic dogs of war and demons on innocent and defenceless souls: slaughter them at will as you have threatened and you and your father will suffer the most severe and calamitous retribution from the Living God.

You see you can’t kill everyone. You can’t lock everyone up. You do not have enough bullets and you do not have enough jail-houses to do that.

A nation of 200 million people and you belive you can hold everyone down and intimidate every single one of us into silence with your arrogant and insolent words and veiled threats?

Stop this nonsense and let sanity prevail. You cannot buily us all. You cannot talk down on a whole nation. You cannot threaten a whole race. Wars are fought for no less than that.

Buhari is not God and he will not be in power forever. At best he has only two and a half more years before he leaves office.

Just over two years then he must step down and vacate the seat. Will you still seek to bulldoze and threaten everyone after that happens? Will you still be talking about rivers of blood and a crimson tide?

Those that you are threatening with these childish words may not be angels but they are not demons, killers and terrorists either.

They may have made their own fair share of mistakes along the line but haven’t we all?

Do not subject them to your usual barbarity, cruelty, wickedness and evil. It is never too late. You can still be kind, gentle, rational, sober, wise and restrained.

You can still be the man I once knew you to be: the one I was proud to call my namesake, my friend and my brother.

The one whose counsel and friendship I once cherished and by God’s grace I will cherish again after you leave office.

Do not let Buhari lead you down the path of destruction and on the road to perdition. It is a very dark road and it has a bitter and frightful end. I do not wish or pray that for you.

Always remember there is life after the Villa and some of us have been living that life for the last 13 years.

Whether it is peaceful and fulfilling or whether it will be a horrendous and unbearable nightmare for you will be determined by what you do and say whilst your remain on that seat and in power today.

Be wise my old friend and stop the threats of violence lest you reap a whirlwind that you will eventually sow. It is not too late! I shall pray for you.