One of the things that I like about Mr. Donald Trump, the front-runner for the presidential nomination in America’s Republican party, is the fact that he is tough, blunt, honest, candid, frank and decisive.

Whether you share his views or not at least you know precisely where he stands on any issue and he always speaks his mind. Perhaps that is why he is doing so well against all odds.

In this short contribution I intend to be very blunt and Trump-like in my approach. I shall write about an issue which, as it does with many others in our nation, stirs me to anger and burdens me with a deep sense of revulsion and shame.

That I was so ill-fated as to be lumped in the same country as a group of bestial creatures who view pedophilia lightly and who, in some cases, enjoy, encourage and endorse it, simply sickens me.

Worse still that some of my compatriots will openly defend the abduction of infant girls for the sole purpose of sexual gratification and enslavement and that others will seek to defend it on religious and cultural grounds is a tragedy of monumental proportions.

To this extent I believe that all those that are attempting to distort the narrative about the tragic plight of Miss Ese Oruru are not only insensitive and irresponsible but they are also evil and I commit them to God’s judgement. The facts of the case are as follows.

Miss Oruru is 14 years old and not 18 and she was abducted from her home. She did not leave her home freely or of her own volition. She was cruelly and wickedly carried away and stolen from her parents, family and loved ones and forcefully taken by complete strangers to a distant land that she had never been before and that was on the other side of the country.

This is not a love story about two inseparable young people as some are trying to suggest: it is a story about pedophilia, child abduction, kidnapping, human trafficking, slavery, rape, impunity, wickedness and ritual sex. That little girl has been raped over and over again and she may well have contracted aids, vesico vaginal fistula (VVF) or some other strange sexual disease by now. She may also be pregnant.

Instead of sympathizing with her and acknowledging the fact that she may never be the same again in view of the physical and mental torture and trauma that she has been subjected to over the last few months, some misguided souls and shameless commentators have had the temerity to say that she was old enough to “get it” and that she ”loved it” and ”wanted it”.

I am utterly disgusted by these sentiments. Where is the humanity of those that speak and think like this? Where is their compassion and where is their soul? How would they feel if their own infant daughters were abducted, forcefully Islamised, raped, enslaved and kept against their will as a sex slave in an Emir’s palace in the same way that Ese was? I doubt that it would bring them any joy.

Meanwhile I watched an AIT video on Youtube in which Miss Oruru’s mother claimed that her daughters abductors had told her that it was the Emir of Kano himself that ordered her daughters abduction and that she was kept in his palace for his pleasure.

If this is true it confirms the suspicion that the Emir has many questions to answer. If what she has said is true it also proves that there are many practicing pedophiles and sick men in high places in our country who must be held accountable for their actions. It is important that the Emir of Kano clears the air on this most grievous allegation and tells us precisely what his interest was in this little girl.

Quite apart from that we are compelled to ask whether this sort of thing has happened before and how widespread it is? How many other little girls have been stolen from their homes and forced to join harems all over the north?

The famous high society blogger and respected celebrity journalist Miss Linda Ikeji has just exposed yet another case. This time it is a young 15 year old christian girl, by the name of Miss Patience Paul, who has been abducted from her home, parents and loved ones in Benue state, forcefully taken to Sokoto state, islamised, raped, married off and kept there against her will in the Sultan’s palace.

The same thing happened to a 13 year old christian Igbo girl by the name of Miss Charity Uzoechina two years ago when she was again abducted, Islamised, raped, married off and forced to remain in the Etsu Nupe’s palace in Minna, Niger state.

This was despite the fact that her parents went to the police and the local authorities and made every effort to get her back. Sadly up till today they have not seen their daughter since she was taken from them.

Again there was the case of Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima, the former Governor of Zamfara state, who abducted his Egyptian driver’s 12 year old daughter from Egypt, brought her to Nigeria, married her in Abuja and kept her under lock and key in his home in Zamfara.

The interesting thing to note about this case is the fact that had the Senator tried to marry this girl-child in Egypt where she came from or if he was caught having carnal knowledge of her over there, he would have been arrested, prosecuted and sent to jail. This is because even though Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country, child marriage and pedophilia are completely forbidden and strictly prohibited by the law.

Yet in multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and supposedly secular Nigeria child sex, child marriage and pedophilia is widespread and common and it appears that anything goes.

Evidently we live in a strange country where evil is, at best, ignored and swept under the carpet and, at worst, openly justified. We live in a country where those that expose such abominations and that speak truth are shunned, discredited, demonised, hated, despised and, more often than not, threatened with physical violence, persecution, intimidation, arrest, criminal investigation and civil litigation. That is the price we pay for speaking the truth and exposing evil in Nigeria.

There is clearly a conspiracy of silence about the perpetuation of wickedness and injustice in this country among the ruling elite. The feeling is that anyone can get away with anything providing they belong to a particular circle and class and providing they have money and power.

And it is because they have money and power and they have powerful friends in government and in the political class that they feel that they can silence, crush, kill, abduct, cripple, ruin, sue and jail anybody that tests their will and crosses them or that dares to expose the truth about their blood-chilling and perverse ways.

That is the reality of Nigeria and it is a sad and sorry one. All I can say is thank God for the media and particularly for the Punch newspaper who started the ball rolling last Sunday.

If not for their cover story about Ese with all those pictures on their front page the little girl would not be free and at home with her family today. Instead she would have still been in slavery and captivity at the Emir of Kano’s palace.

We should also thank the Nation newspaper particularly for their timely editorial on this issue which was published on 1st March and which raised some pertinent questions and offered wise counsel about the way forward. The Punch, the Nation, AIT, Channels, Tribune, the Sun, Vanguard, Thisday, the Guardian, Leadership and all the other titles and television stations in the Nigerian media and social media has done what no-one else or no other group could do.

Not even the Federal Government, the state governments, the political parties, the politicians, the security agencies, the lawyers or the so-called human rights groups could achieve what they managed to achieve.

They have helped to secure the freedom of a helpless and defenseless little girl from slavery, torment, humiliation, destruction, death, disease and bondage and they have brought her home safely to her parents. We need more of this. Kudos to them and God bless them all.

It would be out of place for me not to mention the fact that the Alhaji Ishaq Akintola-led MURIC, a leading Yoruba Muslim organisation, has condemned the actions of those that abducted Miss Oruru. This is a step in the right direction. It is commendable and it will foster a greater and better understanding between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria.

Finally it is my prayer that the Lord silences and shames those that chose to remain silent and that have opted to look the other way during the course of this whole sordid affair. Nigeria is not a nation of heartless pedophiles and godless reprobates and neither shall we sit by silently and allow her to be turned into one.

We are a God-fearing, kind, compassionate, humane, hardworking, faithful, decent, long-suffering and resilient people and together, whether they like it or not, we shall expose the sexual deviants and perverts in our midst. We shall name them and shame them before the entire world.

We shall shine the light of God in this nation and we shall deliver our land from the evil.clutches and darkness of sexual predators, perversion, cruelty and impunity. The Holy Bible says that “the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel”. Sadly, perhaps more than any other, the case of Miss Ese Oruru confirms the veracity of this deeply profound scripture.

Permit me to end this contribution with the following words because they are prophetic. O ye sons of Futa Jalo and ye daughters of the Vulture mountain and bitter waters: your princes and kings shall be exposed and brought to heel and you shall pay a heavy price for your wickedness and sorcery.

May the Ancient of Days heal Miss Ese Oruru and may the Lord God of Hosts deliver her from the incantations, enchantments, witchcraft and spells of those that abducted her and kept her under lock and key in the satanic palace and dark shrine of a strange and foreign king.