Tears are flowing down my cheeks as I am writing these words because the pressure for me to succeed is so high. So many are looking up to me for strength, support and leadership that I dare not fail: My loved ones, my children and so many relations, friends and associates.

Even the nation expects so much from me. Yet it is a privilege and indeed my pleasure and duty to be honoured and saddled with such a role and such great expectations. And despite my many imperfections I will not fail because my God is faithful. He has put you all under me for a reason and I thank Him for each and everyone of you each and every day. You are, each and every one, so pure, so good and so precious to me. The evil of this world will never afflict you and neither shall you suffer want or infirmity. Your joy shall know no bounds because you have shown me and mine love and kindness.

Your numerous and selfless sacrifices and prayers for me and your faith in God and in me shall speak for you at the gates all the days of your life. You shall live long, you shall prosper, you shall be fruitful and most important of all you shall continuously experience “that peace which passeth all understanding”. The future is bright and our collective destiny as a family is secure. Our children and our children’s children shall speak for us now and always. They shall be our pride and joy and none shall harm them. God bless you child of God and always remember that the Lord lovesyou more than life itself: and so do I. We shall prevail. Shalom..