Though rather belated, I hereby congratulate President-elect Donald Trump on a magnificent victory at the polls in America and I wish him well.

I have been an ardent supporter of a Trump presidency for the last one year and I wrote two essays predicting his victory and stating the reasons why I supported him during the primaries and before the election respectively.

More importantly the election of Trump was a fulfilment of prophecy. His ascension to power was propelled by a force and power that is not of this world and that simply cannot be resisted by any human being or satanic conspiracy.

Simply put the Lord Himself raised and prepared Trump and He will use him to bring glory to His name, to effect His purpose and to establish His counsel and will in the United States of America and indeed the entire free world.

Most importantly I celebrate the fact that with His son and servant Donald J. Trump in the saddle, God Himself will be back in the White House and good old fashioned Christian values will once again be cherished and espoused by the leader of the leader of the free world and the most powerful man on earth.

If I can say that I had at least one beautiful moment in the last three weeks during my illegal incarceration by the EFCC this was it.

As the news filtered into the underground cells that Trump had won I shouted “praise the Lord” at the top of my voice to the utter amazement and chagrin of my cell-mates and the cell-guards.

Finally let it be clearly understood that the implications of a Trump presidency for Nigeria are far-reaching and self-evident.

Those that came to power last year on the the mantle of islamic domination, religious intolerance and racial discrimination and that espoused the most hideous form of ethnic bigotry and religious fanatacism certainly have a lot of soul-searching to do because there friends in the Obama White House are on their way out and their darling Hilary is not coming in to replace him.

I assure you that President Donald Trump, who I have known and studied closely for many years, will literally give them hell.

Not only will he resist their constant and gross violations of human rights and civil liberties but he will.also bring them to justice for their regular use of genocide against religious and ethnic minorities in our country.

He will also confront their hidden agenda to islamise Nigeria and turn us into a nation of ethnic and religious vassals that must bow before President Muhammadu Buhari and his kinsmen.

For those that wield political power in Nigeria and for the small cabal of ethnic hegemonists, “born to rule” irredentists and religious bigots that run the affairs of our nation, the writing is on the wall.

Their days are numbered because those that put them in power from America have themselves been shamed and removed from power by the Living God.

In the next few years many changes will take place in politics throughout the world as the forces of Christendom and right-wing nationalism ride on the crest of a rising tide and a beautiful wave.

Nothing will be able to stop the irresistable and righteous quest for self-determination and the reawakening of ancient cultural identitities all over the world in the next few months which has come as a consequence of the Trump victory.

It started with Brexit in the United Kingdom and the rise of right wing and ultra nationalist political parties like Marie Le Pen’s National Front in France, Italy, Holland and Germany. It has now culminated in a Trump victory in the United States of America.

Throughout the world there is a new, strong and rising tide of resisitance to governmental tyranny, the propagatiion of political correctness, the imposition of foreign and alien values, the establishment of state-sponsored slavery, the promotion of anti-Judeo-Christian philosophies, the enforcement of religious bigotry and servitude, the pampering and accomodation of radical islam and terror and the supression of ethnic and religious minorities.

We in Nigeria will not be left out. The time for our final emancipation and permanent liberation from the representatives of satan on earth, the foces of darkness and our internal colonial masters are at hand.

Freedom beckons and greatness calls all those who dare to believe and who are courageous enough to damn the consequences and take it.

If Trump can turn the tide and the tables in America then we, by the grace of God, can also do it here.

As my friend Jackie Macgunn wrote on Facebook,

“A Putin/Trump/Netanyahu coalition is the worst nightmare for the world sponsors of terror and marks the end of an era of the Washington apologists for ISIS, AL Qaeda, AL Nusra, the Taliban, AL Shabab, Boko Haram and the Fulani militants and herdsmen”.

This is what they call the “Trump-effect” and those that are not comfortable with it must be prepared to live with it for the next eight years whether they like it or not.

I thank God for President-elect Donald J. Trump and I trust and believe God that his era will.be one of great glory for the United States of America and indeed the civilised world.