I KNOW YOUR DIFFERENCE. by Adewale Aladejana(2013)

I know your difference amongst a million men
A man of war, mighty with words and the pen
A fine Nigerian, defender of history, God’s anointed one

The fourth generation of greatness, like David, all the battles you have fought, you won
You radiate the glory of God like the sun

To me you are hope; you are God’s angel fulfilling prophecy
You are a vessel, enforcing God’s will on the earth, passionate about giving God the glory
It is not coincidence that our paths crossed; it is not by chance that I recognise your greatness
I have longed to serve a man of purpose, a man with the anointing to break the bonds of wickedness
A man who is ready to die for his beliefs, I also do not believe in living unless I can make a difference

I see you rule this nation, I see God causing the fathers of this nation to submit to you
I see God showing off His power in an unprecedented dimension through you
It is time oh mighty man of valor, it is time to possess the land
We are not grasshoppers; the sons of Anak will bow at our feet, for God has given us the land
No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life; it is time to be strong and courageous
It is time to possess the land, the zeal of the Most High shall perform it, rise up! Oh mighty man of valor. ?