By Vivian Agbaza(2012)

She recalls the familiar tune of happy days and nights past. She was once innocent and carefree and would never worry about the morrow. The world was her oyster, the sky was not a limit, it was a stepping stone! She was untouchable, she was passionate and full of life, she could take on the world! But suddenly, everything fell apart.

Hitherto, she was a believer in the power of love and how blissful it could be, until everything was taken away from her, most of all, the power to love! She wondered what she could have done to deserve such a fate? Many a nights she cried herself to sleep, wondering where she went wrong? She couldn’t understand why her love, care, affection and dedication meant nothing to the one she gave all for? Tongues wagged, strangers sought to malign this beautiful soul without knowing her! Oh the fates! Why her she wailed!

Ranks were broken, friends turned their backs on her…she was all alone in a strange land. She questioned her very existence, she begged to be spared from this misery even if it mean leaving this cold, hard and unforgiving world! Nothing could be worse than this she thought. Did anyone hear her heart-wrenching sobs in her quaint little room? Did anyone notice her brush off the tears while they stream down without warning? She prayed everyday for a better day, she dared to hope for a peaceful night. She had become a woman overnight, one who could now talk about loves lost…

If she could whisper a word to the one who needed to know, she would say, why? I thought I was the exception? I thought I was the one you would treasure even when the tides and seasons changed! How she fared, never seem to matter anymore. She had become a relic of a lost age, of this she was reminded of everyday when she dared to look…

She looks back on those days of blissful togetherness and wonders if they were real and not a figment of her imagination! The dark days would haunt her and leave her breathless, but her beautiful heart wouldn’t let her be bitter.

She says a prayer for her love and begs the angels to watch over his soul, no hurt or pain could stop her from caring. She sits back and reminisces, then stifles a sob, the musings of a wandering soul.