The first challenge that the APC has is to build a formidable party that not only has a strong foundation and structure but also has a clear left of centre ideological leaning. Such a party must also be led by an impressive set of educated, articulate, clear thinking, historically-literate and courageous leaders who are ready to risk all, including their lives, to fight Jonathan and save Nigeria from the evil called the PDP.

The second challenge is for the party to identify and field a northern Presidential candidate that is acceptable to both northerners and southerners and to both christians and muslims from all over the country.
The third challenge is to identify and field a Vice Presidential candidate from the south west who can win the confidence, trust, minds, hearts and votes of the overwhelming majority of the yoruba people. If the south west does not provide the Vice Presidential candidate I fear that the APC may not win. The yoruba deserve no less and we must ensure that we are never marginalised or treated with contempt and levity again.

We put Jonathan there and he has betrayed us. We have not risked all, including our lives and liberty, turned our backs on him and resolved to fight him just to be left with nothing. The position of Senate President, Speaker of the House or anything else is not big enough for us and in any case they are fraught with uncertainties.
The yoruba must have the position of Vice President to make up for what they have suffered in the hands of others in the last five years and in return for the mammoth support that they will give the APC in 2015. Politics is a game of numbers. Yet let us make no mistake about it- if the APC candidate is a northerner his running mate must be a yoruba man.
If you want lasting stability, peace and equity in Nigeria that is the way to achieve it. Anything else will fail and will leave the door of victory wide open for Jonathan, his ijaw ethnic supremacists and their numerous friends and allies.