My prayers go to Nana Akuffo Addo in tomorrow’s Presidential elections in Ghana. Nana is a great man and one of the most brilliant minds on the African continent. An Oxford University man and an outstanding lawyer, his father Justice Edward Akuffo Addo was ceremonial President and Chief Justice of Ghana many years ago. Quite apart from that Nana is my in-law as he was married to my older sister Remi for many years and they have two beautiful children between them.

They later divorced and a few years later he married the Becky Akuffo Addo(nee Randolph) who happens to be the first cousin of my first wife, Saratu Atta. Ironically Saratu, who is the mother of my first daughter Folake and the second daughter of our very own Alhaji Adamu Atta (the former Governor of Kwara state), is the Sec-Gen. of Nana’s campaign team and is one of those that has worked extreemly hard for this election over the last 4 years since he lost the last Presidential election 4 years ago to the late President Atta Mills by just one per cent of the vote.
This time around, by the grace of God, Nana will win the election hands down. He certainly deserves it and Ghana deserves him. I wholeheartedly endorse him and I urge all my friends, associates and followers from Ghana to please go out tomorrow and vote for this great man. He is one of the most powerful intellectuals and passionate orators that I have ever known in my life and he will do you proud as your President. Ghana needs him and Africa needs him too. May God grant him the victory.