A great speech by Barack Obama in Berlin. I’m touched and encouraged by his words. A black man now leads the free world and a woman leads great Germany? Hitler, Goebbes, Goring and Himmler must be turning in their graves right now and weeping profusely.

Thankfully everything that they stood for has been buried and long forgotten. The world has come a long way since 1938 and so much has happened since that time. We give thanks to God.
Interestingly in the history of the world only one man could move crowds with his words the way that Obama does. That man also spoke at the Brandenburg gate and he did so quite regularly when addressing the German people and when reminding them about their supposedly greater and superior Aryan heritage. That mans name was Adolf Hitler and he was the epitomy of pure evil.
Thankfully his philosophy and belief of Aryan supremacy has been proved false and there is no greater testimony of that that an Obama Presidency and a Merkel Chancellorship. In todays world being a black man or a woman does not and cannot count against you.
The road to the very top for those that Hitler once labelled as the ”lesser peoples of the world” has been paved and opened by the blood of over 50 million souls that were killed during the Second World War and the hundreds of thousands that were killed in the cold war, the Korean war, Viet Nam and the war against the terror of islamic fundamentalism since then. We live in a new world today with new and difficult challenges.
Yet is still such a beautiful world and God is truly great.