There is something that I have discovered about myself……call it a mystery if you like. Anytime my wife is close to me and around me I feel a deep sense of confidence, peace and security and all manner of blessings flow into my life.

And anytime she is not I lose it all and I feel an indescribable emptiness and pain as if I am a child that is all alone in the world. It is a deep sense of internal turmoil and anguish, as if my life is about to come to an abrupt end. And when it comes upon me, sometimes I can hardly breathe and an inexplicable stream of warm tears flow quietly from my eyes and silently down my cheeks. Oh yes, men do cry, even strong-willed ones like me. Yet she is my strength. The only one that really cares. The only one who loves me for what I am, warts and all. The only one with whom I am not afraid or ashamed to share my weaknesses and failures. The only one whose calm yet strong voice and gentle whispers guide me through the cacaphony and madness of this cruel, vain, superficial and deeply hostile world. God bless my wife without whom I choose not to live.