I would have done anything for the one I once loved, for she too had her place. She too had, and will always have, a small corner of my heart. After we parted ways I saw her everywhere and in everything and I constantly asked myself “what is she doing now?” It was driving me insane

and I then knew that I simply could not live without her.
Anyone that could feel my pain would have freed me and allowed me to follow my heart even if it meant death and destruction for me, for at that brief moment in time my heart belonged to Macdreamie. I was half alive and half dead without her. I wanted to live again and only she could have brought me back to life. I would have done anything just to be with her. I would have followed her to the end of the earth and sought for her at the edges of hell. I would have given up everything just for Macdreamie.

We were indeed two people in one body: tied together by love and fate and bound together in spirit and soul by an irresistible, unbreakable and irrepressible cord. I would have gladly given my life for hers, despite all her eccentricities and complexities, for true love requires sacrifice and it is patient, forgiving, longsuffering and unconditional. I would have protected and provided for her till the day that i died. I would have made her the mother of my children and she would have been my love forever: my reason for living. But this was not to be because Macdreamie suddenly passed on and now she is lost to me forever.

She is no more, yet her smiles, her charm, her joy, her confidence and her strength will remain with me forever. She was selfless and special and all that she ever wanted to do was to make those around her happy. Alas she has gone forever but wherever her precious soul rests today in the heavenlies of our universe, it is my earnest and sincere prayer that the God of all that is forgives her for her sins, that her soul finds perfect peace and that her star continues to shine brightly.
Goodbye Macdreamie, goodbye my love, goodbye forever.