“Got home I couldn’t sleep and was on my phone debating as usual on Nigeria with Chief Femi Fani-Kayode who had long gone to bed insisting on his one man crusade of having hot leveraged discussions with the likes of Nasir El-Rufai of the progressive north possibly forgetting the entrenched emir factor who can be asked to mobilize their people to thwart such discussions. Furthermore Favour Afolabi has failed to realize that a lot of us Nigerians lack the required enlightenement, discipline,nationalism and loyalty of the citizens, sacrifice, time, for the cause of the “Nigeria” is lacking. Why? The citizens generally don’t have a genuine hope for a better Nigeria because of the crop of political leaders in government at the moment. Like I said earlier I wish him, Favour well.” – Soji Fajemirokun , Facebook, June 2010.

On the issue of Nigeria and my discussions with ”progressive northerners” I believe that that is the right and proper thing to do because we must try our very best whilst at the same time silently prepare for the worst. I make no mistake about the fact this is the final battle of the war of independence in Nigeria and the last round of the long and bitter fight against internal colonialism. Our oppressors know this and we, the oppressed, know it too. I have no illusions that it will be a tough battle and a bitter and dangerous one. The ”beast” has already targetted those of us that they feel threatened by from both north and south and we have suffered and continue to suffer all manner of persecution and injustice simply because some see us as a threat to their demonic agenda for our country. Yet regardless of all that and the obvious challenges to our cause and the personal and very real dangers that we face on a daily basis, we MUST at least try. We should talk, negotiate, explain, reach out to and woo those that are prepared to listen and those that share our vision and our cause from the more enlightened and progressive wing of the northern political and intellectual class. Once we have done this and if, despite such efforts, we fail in our endeavours and ”they” still refuse to treat us as equals and as human beings, then we will have no choice but to settle this problem with bullets, guns and knives. Then we will have the moral justification to rise up and fight to the last man for our liberty and rights in the field of physical combat and battle, where blood from both sides, will undoubtedly flow. For having done all that we could have done to gain our liberty in a peaceful manner and having failed in that chosen and prefered course and path, the cry for liberation, self-determination, equality, religious emancipation and justice will be irresistable and irrepressable. We will fight and die or we will fight and win. It is either one or the other and whichever way it goes in the end, whether it is victory and life or defeat and death, we will at least know that we stood up and rose to the occassion as the men and women that God ordained us to be.
For it is better to live a short life and die fighting for your freedom and rights than to live a long life in relative ”peace” but yet to live it as a quivering and worthless slave. Whichever way, we will not leave this fight for our children to fight….we will fight it for them here and now. It ends with our generation, one way or the other. And at the end of it all there can only be one of two results….it is either we lose the bloody fight and we go into damned and eternal servitude to our oppressors and tormentors forever or we win it and we usher in a glorious era of equality, liberty, prosperity, justice and peace for our children, our childrens children and indeed all our compatriots from both north and south. That is the challenge of our generation Soji and surely destiny, glory and greatness beckons us all. We ALL have to play our role and your insight and knowledge in these matters is in itself a great weapon of war. Use it my brother and continue to impart your vast knowledge to the younger generation and to all those who are wise enough to listen to you. We are all in this together and may the Living God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel and He that is known as the ”Lord of Hosts” and the ”Man of War” give us victory, victory, nothing but victory.