You assert that Ghaddafi lacks courage and only stopped his nuclear programme out of fear of the Americans and that Ahmadinejad is not insane? I disagree. The fact of the matter is that for the better part of the last 4 decades the west and the Americans have wanted him dead or removed from office and they have tried to effect this on a number of occasions yet they have failed woefully each time.

This is because he is loved deeply by his people and like Castro in Cuba, they revere him. He has done great things for Libya and he has put them on the world map as a respected and feared member of the International Community. That is no mean achievement considering the fact that Libya is such a small place with only 4 million people. You talk about threats from America and I put it to you that it is due to Americas bullying ways that they are so hated and reviled in the world till today and if they had attacked Libya as they did Iraq they could not have occupied it for long because unlike Saddam this Ghadaffi has the support of his people. Not only that, unlike Saddam’s Iraq, Ghadaffi’s Libya has always had reasonably good relations with all the countries that neighbour it and it has never attacked any of them. It would not have been so easy for the Americans to hold it down.

Finally I used the word “courage” in my analysis of his historic choice to drop the idea of developing nuclear weapons and I used that word wisely because it really does take immense courage and faith in God to choose the path of peace and harmony, especially when you are living in a world whose greatest powers hate you and are seeking to kill you or have u removed through a process of “regime change”. The easiest thing to do in such a situation is to just keep on developing your weapons of mass destruction and just keep on arming up and just continue to feed on the fear and insecurity of the people. That is precisely what Ahmadinejad is doing in Iran and that is what Kim Jong Il is doing in North Korea today. To lay down your arms and stop developing your nuclear capabilities and instead to do the right and proper thing to enhance world peace and stability and make the planet a safer and better place is not only courageous but it also ought to be commended and encouraged and certainly not ridiculed as cowardice or demeaned as u are trying to do here. As to your assertion that Ahmadinejad is not insane I put it to you that anyone that seeks to commit the type of mass murder and genocide that this man is fantasizing about and proposing when he said that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth is clearly mentally ill. And we don’t have to wait for him to get a nuclear weapon and then attempt to carry out his sick fantasy before we say so or before we are convinced of his madness. That is the mistake that the world made with Hitler and it paid a heavy price for it: at the end of the Second World War 50 million people lay dead and nuclear weapons hardly even featured then. Can you imagine the kind of unspeakable casualties that the world would have suffered if Hitler had had nuclear weapons? Or you don’t believe that Hitler would have been mad enough to use them either?

Again your hasty and naive assessment of Ahmadinejad’s mental state reminds me of Neville Chamberlaine’s (the former British Prime Ministers) erroneous assessment of Adolf Hitler just before the second world war started: he said that Hitler could be trusted to honour his word not to attack any more of it’s neighbouring countries and that there would be “peace in our time”. That grave miscalculation and monumental blunder and Chamberlaine’s inability and cowardly refusal to see and discern the evil and insanity that was in Hitler and publically identify it for what it was cost the world dearly. If Hitler had been stopped on time and if his obvious insanity had been acknowledged early enough the world would not have had to experience the most bitter, brutal and vicious conflict in the history of humanity which was the second world war. People like you are making the same mistake as Chamberlaine did then when you refuse to see and acknowledge the madness and inherent evil that stalks the President of Iran. And on top of it all he confirms his strange and unstable delusional state by consistently proclaiming that there was no holocaust and that 6 million Jews were never gassed and burnt to death in Nazi Germany. The man is clearly as mad as a hatter. He is a certified nutcase and a threat to world peace and stability and it is people like you that encourage such madness by not saying it as it is.