”Stop telling me to pray to God for the destruction of Boko Haram. Americans did not pray to God for the destruction of terrorists, they simply conquered them with all the resources God has given them!”- DAVID KING
Mr. David King has spoken the bitter but simple truth. When I said that Boko Haram should be ruthlessly crushed three years ago and that GEJ should take a firm hand and drastic measures against them I was subjected to ridicule and condemnation by many.

They said that I was being too extreeme and too harsh. Many were instead saying that there should be dialogue and amnesty for the Boko beasts. I predicted that all that is happening today would eventually happen if a very firm hand was not taken as far back as 2010 and I have the essays to prove it.Sadly no-one listened and we are where we are now.
The worst thing about it is that we are a saddled with a President for at the very least the next one year and possibly for the next five years who just doesn’t care how many people are killed and who has no clue about what to do in the face of this challenge.
The truth is that many more people will be killed by BH in the coming months and years and nothing can be done to stop them any more. It is just too late and the cancer and evil will spread. Worst still unlike others the Nigerian people and their political elites just dont have the resolve, the fortitude, the will or the stomach for a good fight and, like the ostrich, they are mostly in denial about what is going on.

The truth is that Nigeria is almost finished as a nation unless there is some kind of miracle or divine intervention simply because our leaders are ill-equipped and completely unprepared to fight a group of people who are ready to die for their cause and who are ready to commit the most unspeakable atrocities at the drop of a hat.
If only our government had acted with a firm hand at the beginning of the crisis it could have been nipped in the bud. Now it is simply too late and the cat is out of the bag. Whether we like it or not Boko Haram is a reality and it is here to stay. Nigeria will never be the same again.
Whilst some are still attending centenary balls and award ceremonies and wallowing in blissful ignorance and self-denial other have come to recognise the bleak fact that what we are witnessing today is the beginning of the end of an artificial nation-state that was hurriedly hobbled together by the British 100 years ago.