Forty years on, I am missing the Hill. For our time there was a great time. Our days there were great days.

Days and nights so distant but never forgotten. Where are those young and strong titans of yesteryear today? Where are those that I once joined hands with and with whom I ploughed and played the fields of Harrow? Where are those with whom we promised to conquer the world together? Where is Maurice Balme, my old housemaster and latin teacher? Where are David Smith-Ryland, Nigel Cassey, Guy Sangster, Gavin Elwes, the Al Tajirs, the Narayans, Tim Espir, Feruz Bakthiar, Tim Jeffares, Lord Apsley, Basil Mavorolian, Rory Cavendish, Nick Agar, Prince Moutafian and all the other young lions and bright stars that graced Harrow with their great and noble prescence between ’74 and ’77?
To my eternal delight and my sheer pleasure, I managed to find a few of my old friends and brothers such as Crispin De Moubrey, Simon Astaire, Mark Pepera, William Johnston and one or two others…….but I crave deeply to hear from the others as well. And that craving comes from deep within my soul. It’s been 35 long years since I last saw them all……we must not sit by and allow it to reach 40 before we meet again. And meet again we shall before our great and final call comes and then, for one last time, we shall forget the worries of this world and we shall laugh and flirt and frolick together in the fields of the Hill. I love Harrow…….I always did and I always will.