Clearly something has gone horribly wrong and this reinforces my belief that the amalglamation of the northern and southern regions of Nigeria in 1914 was not just a mistake but a demonically-inspired, craftily- contrived and premeditated satanic conspiracy by the British to destroy the greatness and enormous human potentials of the people of the south and the Middle Belt of Nigeria.

I do not believe in and neither do I respect a man-made, artificial, hybrid, mongrel-state like Nigeria which has forcefully lumped my people together with those that are inherently fascistic and racist, that are culturally and historically inferior, that are intellectually defective and that are nothing more than genocidal maniacs, ethnic vagabonds, wandering herdsmen, cow-loving jihadists and islamic fundamentalists.

We have nothing in common with them physically, spiritually, culturally, historically and genetically. We are indigenous black Africans but they are not. They come from Berber, Taurag and Futan Jalon stòck. They are not and were never from here and neither were they ever part of us.

And neither was there ever one Nigeria in the true sense of the word. That erroneous misconception and misguided notion is nothing but a monumental fraud.

I am an Ife before being a Nigerian. I am a Yoruba before being a Nigerian. I am a southerner before being a Nigerian. I am a Christian before being a Nigerian.

And unlike others I am not prepared to sacrifice my ethnic identity and nationaliy or my religious faith on the alter of a servile, cowering and slavish puppet-state called Nigeria.

I consider those in the international community that seek to compel me and my people, the good people of the south and the Middle Belt, to stay in a united Nigeria where we are nothing but canon-fodder for Islamist terrorists, sport for Janjaweed herdsmen and food for Haramite dogs as nothing but globalist slime.

I consider those from outside our shores that expect us to remain in this debilitating and traumatising zoo and madhouse called Nigeria where we have been systematically reduced to grovelling quislings and shivering slaves as nothing but closet-islamists and neo-imperialist scum.

They have an Obama mindset.  They believe in espousing and accomodating evil and in sleeping with the enemy. They believe in light and darkness merging together as one and in darkness contaminating and overwhelming the light.

They believe in the spreading of death, disease, destruction, suffering, persecution, poverty, barreness, corruption, evil, heartlessness, decay and terror.

I am very different. I have a Trump mindest . I believe in helping my friends and fighting my enemies. I believe in calling a spade a spade. I believe that the essence and purpose of light is not to cohabit with darkness but to identify it, expose it, drive it out and destroy it.

I believe in life, goodness, mecy, justice, charity, love, kindness, courage, faith and a Living God that protects His own and showers His children with peace, blessings, joy, prosperity and abundance.

I believe that radical Islam and those that seek to conquer and subjugate my people by assimilation and the acquisition of political power in the name of ethnic superiority should not be pampered and espoused but rather should be confronted, resisted and destroyed.

Nigeria needs to be restructured or broken. And it is left to us, the real leaders that are prepared to stand up and speak truth to power and that are ready to offer ourselves as the voice of the voiceless, to do it.

We must be bold. We must be strong. We must be brave. We must take our destiny into our own hands.

We must resist the devil and the evil and set ourselves free. The Yoruba deserve better. The Igbo deserve better. The Niger Deltans deserve better. The Mid-Westerners deserve better.

The Middle Belters deserve better. The Christians of the north deserve better. We ALL deserve better.

Better we deserve and, whether our collective oppressors and adversaries accept it or not, one way or the other, better we shall get.

The bottom line is this: our country cannot be described as the Federal Republic of Nigeria but rather the Fulani Republic of Nigeria.

And as long as this remains the case she must either be quickly restructured and given a new name or she must be broken up and carved into two or more pieces. No-one was born to be a slave and no-one was born to rule. May God help and deliver us.

In response to Part 1 of this contribution, Mr. Abraham Ogbodo, a well respected columnist with the Guardian newspaper and one of the most respected and insightful journalists in Nigeria, said the following:

“Sir, I share your pains. But this endless lamentations shall take us nowhere. The Israelis understand so well the Islamic mindset which seeks what it does not or cannot give. The Arabs want always to thrive on thier own terms in the West and elsewhere yet in their enclave a man cannot do as little as renounce Islam for Christianity. Butchering of humans is not an exclusive occupation of one group against another group. If nothing including government intervention is able to stop the butchering of Southerners and Christians in Nigeria by the Fulanis, and since self preservation is not negotiable, I suggest those being butchered should adopt counter-butchering as a defence policy until reason prevails. It is a well known fact that Islam does not spread by persuassion but by conquest and that is not going to change in this generation. From its tiny location in Medina, Islam conquered Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, North Africa and substantial part of Asia. The Jihadist entered Europe and in fact occupied Spain for centuries before they were disloged. But it wasn’t so in Turkey where Christianity was obliterated and Islam established. Mordern day Turkey was part of the Eastern Roman Empire with headquarters in Constantinople (Istanbul). It was founded by Emperor Constantine who marked the turning point in the history of Christianity. Today Turkey from where most of the acts of Apostle Paul were derived is all Islam. The Armenians were butchered by the Ottoman army in a brutal quest to obliterate centuries of Christian tradition in Turkey. I even hear that the special cannon equivalent of today’s large-impact bomb with which the Sultan sacked Constantinopole was produced by a Burgarian. As it is, Europe, the Americas and Asia as they are today are not open to further Islamic conquest. The only open and soft field remain Christian nations or enclaves in Africa. The earlier we understand this and prepare for ceaseless jihads the better for us. Issues in the Islamic doctrine are hardly determined by engagement; everything is settled with the sword. When the terror is balanced, perhaps there may be peace. It calls for eternal vigilance not only in the sense of endless advocacy but more in terms of specific action plans to put up a formidable military resistance against the sustained carnage. Just my thoughts sir”.

I wholeheartedly concur with Ogbodo’s observations. Not only has he spoken the truth and hit the nail on the head but he has also spoken the minds of millions.

It is time for those that enjoy to butcher others at the drop of a hat to be reminded of the fact that they do not have a monopoly of violence.

Yet despite all the horror that is being inflicted upon our people by the jihadists and ethnic supremacists in our midst all is not lost.

Comforting were the words of President Donald  J. Trump, the new leader of the free world, at his inauguration on 20th January. He said,

“We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones and UNITE the civilized world against RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM which we will ERADICATE from THE FACE OF THE EARTH…..
……There should be NO FEAR. We will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement. And most importantly, we will be PROTECTED BY GOD.”

These words bring hope and give strength. They are deeply encouraging. We needed to hear them and the lifeline and inspiration that they offer now more than ever before.

This is especially so in view of the fact that no less than 14 young pro-Biafran IPOB members were shot dead in the streets of Port Harcourt on January 20th by the Fulani President of the Fulani Republic of Nigeria’s security forces simply because they dared to take part in a solidarity rally and peaceful celebration of President Trump’s inauguration. They were murdered simply because they supported Trump.

Their blood, together with the blood of the 808 Christians that were butchered by the government-sponsored and protected radical islamist Janjaweed Fulani militias in the sanctity of their homes in Southern Kafanchan on Christmas eve and Christmas day, will not be shed in vain.

It will cry to God in Heaven for vengeance and it  will speak death and destruction into the ranks and lives of our collective oppressors and those that seek to enslave us and keep us in bondage forever. Thus sayest the Spirit of the Lord and that is the counsel and decree of the Ancient of Days.

Permit me to conclude this contribution with an aside. I write the most painful and bitter truths that few dare to write because I do not know tomorrow.

I write what others dare not to write because when my maker calls me home what will I say to Him if I fail to impart the profound knowledge and deep insight that He gave me. What will I do or say when He asks me what I did with the deep secrets and hidden and mystical truths that he asked me to share with my fellow men when I was in the land of the living.

That is why I write: that God will not judge me or decree and declare me a worthless coward before the Hosts of Heaven when my time comes.

I write every essay as if it were my last knowing that those who despise and deny truth and who hate me with a perfect hatred wish me dead or silenced.

Yet even if and when I fall my words will linger and continue to speak powerfully into history and eternity.

Posterity will judge between me and my traducers and I will be vindicated and proved right in the end.

For these are not my words but the words of the Holy Spirit that resides in me and that guides me.

Today, as with every other day, I shall be the servant of truth and the voice of the voiceless, minding not who I offend because I am emboldened and empowered by the knowledge that the Lord is with me and that His word says “to die is Christ and to live is gain”. (CONCLUDED).