Nigeria is in the grip of fascism again. The G7 governors met at the Kano states governors lodge last night in Abuja. As they were holding their meeting the DPO of Asokoro police station burst in with his men and tried to stop them from meeting citing ”orders from above”.

This is a very serious issue and it clearly indicates that we are back in the days of totalitaniarism and fascism in Nigeria. In the next few weeks and months every single person that is in opposition to the Jonathan government must expect the very worse from them.

If they can do this sort of thing to sitting governors who have immunity from arrest and court proceedings what won’t they do to the rest of us. May God deliver Nigeria from these desperate people. Worst still the whole episode has an ethnic colouration and agenda to it.
I condemn this behaviour in the strongest terms and I join many others in calling on President Jonathan to reign in his gestapo and stop this madness. This is supposed to be a democracy and not a military or civilian dictatorship