The vultures are circling yet I am not disturbed because they cannot eat my flesh. The wolves are howling yet I shall not retreat because they cannot crush my bones.

The bullies are threatening yet I shall not bow because they cannot break my spirit or conquer my soul.

The demons are baying yet I shall not fear because they cannot drink my blood. The liars are lying yet I shall not be deterred for I know the Ancient of Days, the mighty God that I serve.

The foxes are plotting yet I shall not be moved and I shall treat them with the contempt and disdain that they deserve. The snakes are hissing yet I am not perturbed knowing that their poison and hate cannot overwhelm or blind me.

The dogs are barking yet I continue to rejoice, knowing that lions do not tremble at the bark of an accursed mongrel.

The Accuser of the Brethren has begun his devlish work of slander yet I shall lose no sleep, knowing that in the end truth always prevails.

There is evil in the land and the ravenous beasts of our dark forest are roaring, yet I shall not run. As always, I shall stand and I shall fight. As always I will speak against the persecution of the innocent and the cruelty and injustice of the wicked.

As always I will resist the hidden agenda to violate our nations secularity and to Islamise our nation. As always I shall preach the equality of all men and the humanity of all souls.

As always I will stand against the enthronement and the empowerment of bloodthirsty and evil men.

As always I shall stand against the terrorists and jihadists in our midst who have wrought destruction on our nation and who have shattered the lives of so many.

As always I shall speak up for the oppressed, the voiceless, the weak, the vulnerable, the misrepresented, the hated and the despised.

As always I will resist the cruelty that has been inflicted upon the unlawful captive and those who have been subjected to an unconstitutional, unlawful and indefinite detention.

As always I shall speak against the violation of court orders and the intimidation and humiliation of the Judiciary.

As always I shall oppose a foreign policy that turns our nation into a shadow of her once glorious past and nothing more than an appendage of the Salifists and Wahabbists of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

As always I will speak out against violence, genocide, ethnic cleansing and all crimes against humanity. As always I shall speak up for the vulnerable, the weak, the less privilaged and the deprived.

As always I shall stand against the tyrants and despots that use their position of power and privilage to destroy the lives of others.

As always I shall stand against state-sponsored murder and politically-inspired and selective criminal prosecutions.

As always I shall speak the bitter truth and voice my support for the self-determination and the liberation of the oppressed ethnic nationalities of Nigeria, including those of the Middle Belt, the south-east and the south-south.

As always I will resist those that abduct our citizens, commit rape, indulge in mass murder and that torment our people with their satanic hordes and demonic herds all in an attempt to subjugate and conquer us and impose their will.

As always I will oppose pedophelia, child rape and the abduction, enslavement and forced islamisation of little girls in distant lands and sinister palaces.

As always I will fight a good fight and stand for truth. As always I will stand against the licensing of Churches and the violation of our constitutionally-guaranteed religious freedoms. As always I will stand against those who ban prayers in our schools.

As always I will gladly offer my very life as a living sacrifice for my faith and I will defend the honor and dignity of Christianity wherever I go.

No matter what they say or do, as long as God gives me life, I shall never be silenced. I shall fulfill my destiny because His love will see me through and it will nullify their evil projections and manifest hate.

The vultures are circling yet I am not disturbed because they cannot eat my flesh. In my case they say it is personal and that they have a score to settle.

They say that they have been told by their idol and their little god to ”punish me ruthlessly for my insolence” and ”to give me hell”. Others have tried before and I saw their end.

I await them: let the God that answers by fire, let Him be my God. In the meantime I count it all as joy, for in the end my innocence shall speak for me and I shall prevail.

Until then let them be rest assured of one thing: I have no fear because the Lord is with me. I make my boast in Him and none other.

Without Him I am nothing but with Him I am everything. No matter how long it takes He will never abandon me because I have done absolutely nothing wrong.

As long as Jesus is on the throne He will preserve my life and I shall fulfill the purpose for which He gave it to me.

They shall not thwart that purpose, they shall not break me, they shall not destroy me and neither shall they have their wicked way with me.

They shall fall into the pit that they have dug for me themselves and their end shall be bitter. The bible says

“He suffered no man to do them wrong. He reproved kings for their sake saying ‘touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm’ “.

They seek to touch the anointed of the Lord: let us put God’s word to the test.