Bill and Melinda Gates

Mr. Ray Jason, a celebrated and highly respected American columnist, went even further by writing the following in an essay titled ‘Philanthropist Or Monster’.

He wrote,

“Imagine that you want to rule the world. However, your desire is not motivated by the usual psychotic lust for power. Instead, you have convinced yourself that your megalomania is pure. You just want to “save the world.”

You see your quest as Messianic. You believe that “the little people” are not visionary enough to comprehend what is best for them and for their planet.

You, on the other hand, have a stunningly clear-sighted plan. The world needs to transition from a chaotic menagerie of countries and governments into a Single Global Entity. Borders should be abolished.

Italian MP Sara Cunial

Then leaders, who are elected by the whims of the uneducated masses, should be replaced by appointed, unaccountable “experts.”

The sun would rise on a new world of orderliness. Unfortunately, small modifications would have to be made to the common man.

They would need to surrender their freedom, their individuality and their ability to sculpt their own unique life.

Regrettably, they would resist such enslavement if it was overt and heavy-handed. Therefore, they must be convinced that it is for their own good. And the most time-tested method of doing this is through the use of fear.

American Congressman Robert Kennedy jnr

Some dreadful and deadly threat should be created to terrify them. Ideally, this menace should also be invisible. It is far more cost-effective to concoct a hidden enemy, than to finance expensive armies, submarines and missiles.

Once the common folk have been terrified into submission, they should be “modified” to insure that they never attempt to cast off their chains. An ID Chip must be implanted in their body.

This device will contain a GPS transponder so that their location will be known to the authorities at all times.

Valuable information will also be stored on the implant. The “managers” will know if the subject has medical problems or a backyard garden or expertise with firearms or non-conformist tendencies.

David Icke

A score will be assigned to each human unit according to how compliant they have been to the wishes of the Global State.

Mandatory vaccines can also be used to subdue the population. These will be promoted as life-saving cures for various diseases. In some cases, that will actually be true – in order to establish trust in these inoculations.

However just as every other medication from Big Pharma has side effects, these can also produce outcomes that are tragic … but useful.

For example, they might induce submissiveness or decrease testosterone or reduce female egg counts or lead to outright sterility.

Vandana Shiva

To insure maximum control of the regular people, cash would have to be eliminated. Paper money would be replaced by digital currencies, which would allow the technocrats to track every single financial transaction.

This would eliminate any underground economy that normal folks could use to circumvent the system or the controllers.

We can’t have people selling their neighbors veggies from their backyard garden or fixing their laptop in exchange for a haircut. And most importantly, it would also let the tyrants “disappear” one’s account if it suited their interests.
Eventually, it was time for the self-anointed messiah to convert his theoretical agenda into actual reality. His motive had been established from his early days in a family full of prominent eugenicists.

Dr. Rasheed Buttar

They believed, in their Utopian Dreams (or nightmares) that individual humans could be vastly “improved” just as livestock can be upgraded through selective breeding.

And if that goal proved too elusive, then their numbers would have to be significantly decreased. In animal husbandry, they refer to it as culling the herd. In human history, it is known as genocide.

The Savior amassed an incredible fortune, so he now had both the motive and the means. He created an enormous foundation whose tentacles spanned the globe.

Such organisations were immensely powerful because through their grants they gained the loyalty of those receiving the money. And, despite their names, non-profit operations were actually highly profitable in many nefarious ways.

Roger Stone

The world’s best publicists were hired to conjure up the image of a savior driven only by the desire to help humanity. He was transformed from a nerdy computer geek into the world’s most noble philanthropist.

He decided that the best catastrophe scenario for fulfilling his master plan was a pandemic. So he began buying up the most important players and organizations in the global public health sphere.

His financing of the World Health Organization was so colossal that it exceeded every country in the world except the U.S. In his homeland, he quietly funded the CDC and the NIH right into his back pocket. Because of its infectious disease specialty, Johns Hopkins would receive millions and millions.

Understanding the need to create maximum fear and panic, he bank-rolled two medical statistic institutes. The one in England had a track record for insanely inaccurate and exaggerated predictions. They were so consistently off the mark, that a Monty Python skit on viruses would have been more believable.

Joseph Okechukwu

This was the perfect outfit for our hero, so he poured over $100 million into it. He also enriched an organization near Seattle that could be counted on for equally hysterical computer models.

Naturally, the media had to be bent to his desires. He poured sufficient millions into their pockets so that they could be trusted to spread his messaging. Just like in the ancient tales of genies and masters, his wish would be their command.

Silicon Valley would also be vital to this narrative control. Should any alternative theories or non-vaccine cures concerning the virus, start to circulate, Big Tech would insure that such explanations were censored into the abyss.

Since vaccines would become the salvation of the masses, he made sure to fund the top labs and factories around the world. Amassing obscene profits, while doing such noble work, surely should not be frowned upon.

Dino Melaye

Because his operation was based in the U.S., he dedicated a lot of focus there. After all, he could not risk getting his foundation kicked out of the country in the same way that other nations had given him the boot. He also felt the need to keep, what he perceived as the maverick President, on a short leash.

Fortunately, he had two of his best lieutenants perfectly positioned as the ideal gatekeepers for his policies. He had been their paymaster for many years via their work in the AIDS bureaucracy and the vaccine pipeline.

The Grand Plan first became visible to the wider world in October 2019. That is when the Event 201 exercise was conducted in New York City. This was a war-game simulation of what would occur if a deadly corona-virus got loose in the world.

The major financial sponsors for this drill were our philanthropist’s foundation, the WHO, Johns Hopkins and the World Economic Forum. This latter group is comprised of the top tier of the 1%, who gather in Davos, Switzerland every winter to determine the course of our future. Predictably, they do this without consulting any of us.

Shiva Ayyadurai

Then, by some amazing coincidence, only six weeks later a dangerous corona-virus epidemic appears in China. It then spreads to the rest of the world. The philanthropist activates his machine. The statistical institutes make preposterous and apocalyptic predictions of death counts. The media bullhorns this bogus information 24/7.

And then a tactic of evil genius is proposed. Instead of quarantining the sick people and those in the most vulnerably categories, they insist that the entire population should be placed under house arrest. This reversed the protocols for infectious disease control that have been successful for thousands of years. Surely, these maniacs would not get away with this. But they did!

They conned convinced the politicians that if they did not lock down their countries, and if the pandemic did spread like the predictions suggested, then they would have blood on their hands and never get elected again.

These leaders could obviously see that such a strategy would destroy the global economy. So the talking heads on TV and the experts in their ivory tower institutes, shrieked even more ferociously. And soon the political class caved into the lunacy.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

And now, a few months later, the messianic philanthropist looks down upon his handiwork and congratulates himself on the extraordinary success of his endeavor.

His fear tactic was far more successful than he could have imagined. Not only are people cowering in their homes, but they are snitching on those with enough courage to resist the tyranny. And they seem to have no resistance to the concept of Immunity Passports. And they are lining up by the thousands to work as Stasi “Contact Tracers.”

Whether the police would stand with the citizens or obey the authorities was an uncertainty. He was delighted to see that they sided with the government – rather than their neighbors or their own personal integrity.

The planetary reach of the virus had advanced his call for global government. He could claim that a world-wide response would have resulted in less death. This was an especially great concept, because there was no way to prove or disprove this proposition.

After all different countries had used completely opposite approaches and yet achieved completely similar results.

His lust for the micro-chipping of the entire world population had made tremendous progress. Indeed, a product that he controlled, called ID 2020, that combined both a vaccine with a nano-chip device, had made great strides in terms of widespread acceptance.

Conveniently, he would kill two tyrannical birds with one stone – chipping and vaccinating – and reap a colossal personal profit at the same time. What a fortuitous coincidence.

His dream of a cashless society had progressed significantly as media mouthpieces had terrified the populous by insisting that paper money was a disease vector. As if a plastic credit card was not.

He also smiled as he looked down at the destruction that the locked-down economies was causing. As an apostle of centralized, large-scale, top-down business models, he could see the damage that was being inflicted upon small businesses everywhere.

The huge conglomerates could survive and even flourish. But mom and pop stores were padlocked, while Walmart and Amazon and Costco were raking in gigantic profits.

And finally, what delighted him the most as he looked down upon this global wreckage, was the ease with which he could activate the same technique whenever he desired.

Another invisible virus could appear whenever he needed to further subjugate the little people. His scheme had exceeded his wildest expectations.

Pastor Paul Eneche

Astonishingly, despite all of this planetary evil-doing, our philanthropist manages to sleep soundly at night. That’s because those who seek to control others are not capable of basic empathy.

The vast majority of humanity believe in compassion and fair-play. But the power freaks are different from us. They are pathological parasites.

But even though his sleep is now untroubled, his waking hours might soon be far less tranquil. That is because many people are awakening from the hypnotic trance that has seduced them into submission.

The spell that the publicists have cast is fading. The gleaming, marble statue of the “Noble Savior” is cracking apart. And what is being revealed is … a fraud … a coward … a monster.”

I commend Mr. Jones for his insightdul, profound, illuminating and educative contribution. He has said it all.

Permit me to end this contribution with the words of Sara Cunial, an Italian MP who represents the ancient City of Rome. She hit the nail on the head when she said,

“We all know it now. Bill Gates, already in 2018, predicted a pandemic, simulated in October 2019 at the ‘Event 201’. For decades, Gates has been working on depopulation policy and dictatorial control plans on global politics, aiming to obtain the primacy on agriculture, technology and energy. The real goal of all of this is total control. Absolute domination of human beings, transformed into guinea pigs and slaves, violating sovereignty and free will. Next time you receive a phone call from the philanthropist Bill Gates forward it directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity”.

I concur.