As the American carnage in Syria is about to begin, mark my words and read my lips carefully. The biggest mistake that Barack Obama will make in his life and career is to strike Syria on the false and ridiculous premise that Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people.

What we are witnessing is a laying of the foundation for world war 3. We are not quite there yet but this is just the first step to that final conflict. When that war eventually comes and after it has been fought and won historians will have cause to say that the illegal attack by Obama’s America and her allies on Syria is where and when the die was finally cast. They will say that is when the Americans finally crossed the line of no return.
And for the first time in world history Russia, Iran and China together with their allies will finally pick up the gauntlet. At that point there will be no going back and one thing will lead to another until the final conflagration comes. The truth is that just as Shakespeare wrote in his play “Julius Caesar” over 400 years ago, “Caeser has crossed the Rubicorn, war is inevitable”.
May God help the people of Syria and the Middle East and may He protect us all from the coming carnage.