In an attempt to apprehend Mr. Edward Snowdon a plane that was carrying the President of Bolivia, Eva Morales, was diverted to Austria on its way back to Bolivia from Russia. France and Portugal, based on intelligence reports from the Americans, closed their airspace to the plane because they believed that Snowdon was on it and that he was being secretly smuggled back to Bolivia.

This was a plane that was part of the Bolivian state’s Presidential fleet and that was carrying the President of that country. Bolivia is a sovereign state which is not at war with anyone. This act violated international law and it was in total violation of the Vienna Convention which says that the aircraft of the leader of any sovereign state has immunity and cannot be treated in such a manner. I would have to agree with the Bolivian Vice President that in actual fact Morales was actually ”kidnapped by America, her European allies and the forces of imperialism”.
As I write this essay President Morales has been holed up at the airport in Vienna for the last nine hours even though it is now clear to all that Snowdon was never on the plane. What a shame this is and what a right royal mess. When the Americans and their allies treat leaders from the smaller and weaker nations in such a way simply because they have stood up for truth and justice it diminishes us all.

From this incident alone it is clear that America, under President Barack Obama, is a nation that has literally been driven mad by its own paranoia and obsessions and that is completely drunk on power. Their ultimate objective is to control the entire world and to impose their very strange values on each and every one of us.
I commend the courage of those truly progressive nations and peoples that have defied American imperialism and that have stood up for Snowdon for exposing the illegal and immoral acts of the American government. These include Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba and a number of other Carribean and South American countries. I commend Julian Assange’s Wikileaks for standing by him as well and I commend Russia and China for refusing to hand him over to America. It is the courage of those that are strong enough and that have the decency and humanity to get up and look the monster in the eye and say ”thus far and no further” that keeps the rest of us going.
May God deliver us all from the hands of the agents of the devil.