I will never forget the land of the black star. The land of the watchers and of the early morning intercessors. The land that brought me so much joy. The land of the Kente cloth. The land of “Action Church.” The land where joy abounds and where peace abides. The land where the people have a different spirit and where they bear an uncanny faith in the power of the Living God.

The land of kenke and fufu. The land where praising the Lord is second to none. The land where class means nothing and where character means everything.The land of my better half. The land of my children. The land of my father in the Lord. The land that I rediscovered myself and had a great encounter with the Living God. The land of my deliverance and healing.

The land of “akwaaba”, where peace is cherished and love is nurtured. I love Ghana. I love the people. I love the food. I love their culture. I love their history. I love their depth. And until the day that I die I will be thankful to God and to the people of Ghana for showing me the love, the understanding and the kindness that I have never been shown or experienced anywhere else in this sad and cruel world. And just look at their history. It is a history of courage, excellence and dedication. Where great men of vision abide and where pan-Africanism was born. Ghana, my Ghana. I love you so. I miss you so. I cherish you so. May your star continue to shine and may your light never dim. God bless Ghana. God bless her forever.