There is no love that is as powerful and as strong as the love of Mona. It breaks down walls and shatters the gates and barriers. It heals the wounds of broken hearts and takes away the pain of crushed and shattered emotions.

She touches the spirit with her warmth and soothes the soul with her gentle words. She is the eastern bride which the four winds of the earth brought forth as a gift to nature and humanity. Noble in spirit, resolute and strong. She is Mona.

From the shores of Lebanon and the hills of the Golan Heights, there is none like her. She is a gift from God: a parcel of love and kindness. A bringer of hope, new life, new love, new beginnings and spiritual renewal and resurrection. There is none like Mona. She alone takes away the pain of solitude and loneliness. She alone understands the power of pure and unadulterated love. God bless you Mona.
God bless you forever.