The greatest asset that God has given us as human beings is the gift of free will and yet the exercise of this beautiful gift represents the very weakness of our being.

The fact that we have been given free will by God and that we have been afforded the luxury of making choices appears to be a wonderful thing on the surface but the truth is that nine times out of ten we human beings will always make the wrong choices simply due to our unrenewed Adamic nature and our reprobate minds. Another major weakness in our being is our inordinate desire for material things and our love of and addiction to money, power and control. This disposition represents the dark and sinister corruption that resides deep within the human soul. We use power to destroy those we hate and we use it to assist those that we love. Our love of money and quest for power and fame has deposited in us a strange spirit which supercedes and consummes everything else in us and which makes us do things that even the worst of all animals would not do to one another. The bottom line is that we are by nature more interested in the physical than the spiritual even though this should not be so.

These are the truisms about human nature that our enemy the devil takes advantage of and that he puts to maximum advantage in his war against God and humanity. All in all there is no place in this cruel world for a man or a woman that loves too much, that feels too much or that is too honest, too forthright, too gentle, too generous, too faithful and too kind. Such beautiful personalities and sensitive souls are more often than not crushed and destroyed by the very system and the very people that they choose to and insist on loving. Cruelty, self-centredness, uncharitable and wicked tendencies, envy, greed and inexplicable hatred coupled with an insatiable desire for primitive gain, power and control : that is the hallmark of humanity, that is the philosophy of the world and that is the nature of man. May God save us from one another.