What ancient powers did the beautiful Cleopatra possess that made the most powerful world rulers of her age, Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony, fall hopelessly in love with her one after the other. She was Queen of Egypt and the most precious gem of the meditarranean sea.

She was an ancient goddess: the mermaid Queen of the Coast, a Princess of the Elves and Calypso, the beautiful and insatiable Greek nymph, all rolled into one immaculate body whose fine features and proportions were close to perfection. But it did not end there. Such was her beauty and her powers of seduction that she almost became Queen of the entire world by caging the hearts and trapping the souls of the rulers of the greatest power on earth of her day, the Emperors and Princes of almighty Rome. Both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony were ultimately consummed and destroyed by their obsession for this strange, powerful, learned and extraordinary woman. Their love for her almost drove them insane. They say that only Helen of Troy, whose face launched a thousand ships, came close to her in beauty and in wit. Most important of all she was a Nubian: a dark and delightful daughter of Africa who was spawned and nurtured by the great gods of the River Nile. How I wish that I had met Cleopatra. How I wish that this Nubian Queen had lived forever.?