General Benjamin Adekunle, who was fondly referred to as the ”Black Scorpion”, was the greatest, the most courageous, the most disciplined and the most effective general in the history of the Nigerian Army. He was the single reason why the Nigerian Armed Forces prevailed over Biafra during the civil war.

He was a great son of the Yoruba and of Nigeria. He led the gallant men of the 3rd Marine Commando into battle personally and he took no prisoners. He was a man of immense courage that Nigeria refused to honor in life and treated very badly after the war and over the years.
It is my sincere hope and prayer that now that he has gone he will be given his proper due and honored by his country. I loved that man.
I loved his courage under fire and I loved the role he played not just during the civil war but also during the June 12th struggle when the Yoruba were being killed, incarcerated, persecuted and tormented by the military government of that day. He stood up to tyranny then and his entire life was dedicated to fighting for a noble and just cause.
He fought for Nigeria. We shall never forget him and those of us that know and appreciate the role he played during the civil war and in the struggle for Yoruba emancipation many years later will not fail to honor his memory and keep his flag flying.
His name shall never be forgotten and his glory shall be proclaimed from generation to generation. This was a true warrior who was prepared to lay down his life on many occasions for the greater good and for his country. May his great soul rest in peace.