The shocking events that have taken place in Nairobi, Kenya with 68 dead and 172 wounded confirms my view that islamic fundamentalism and islamist terror is the greatest challenge to humanity on earth today. Dozens were slaughtered by Al Shabab in Nairobi yesterday and the whole world is still watching the horror unfold on their television sets and talking about it. Equally shocking is the claim that a good deal of the terrorists are American, British, Canadian, Somali and Finnish nationals.

Meanwhile dozens of innocent civilians are being killed in Nigeria’s north eastern zone literally every day by Boko Haram, our very own brand of islamist terrorists, yet no-one, not even our own journalists and public commentators, let alone our government, bothers to talk about it anymore.
We have lost no less than 7000 people to islamist terror in Nigeria in the last two years yet we have become desensitised and immune to the sheer horror of the killings and the carnage. Boko Haram kill our people at will but they are not the only ones. Our security agencies kill our people at will as well and they justify it by labelling them Boko Haram.
The Apo killings in Abuja two days ago where a group of young muslim boys were massacred by security agents just for staying in an unfinished building which was owned by someone with strong connections with the government is just one example.
The truth is that I weep for the people of Kenya and for the terrible tragedy that took place there two days ago and I weep for Nigeria and the Nigerian people as well. Today in the north it is death at the hands of Boko Haram or the security agents and the military and in the south it is death in the hands of ritualists or trauma, torture and terror at the hands of kidnappers.
Our country and our people have lost all sense of humanity and compassion and as far as I am concerned we do not have a President. Shame on the man whose people are being killed by terrorists every day and who still goes merrily to the United Nations with a record number of hangers-on, free-loaders and merry-makers in his delegation. Nigeria is really in trouble.
May the souls of all those that have been killed in Nairobi and in northern Nigeria by these islamist terrorists in the last two days rest in perfect peace