THE SCULPTED ADONIS. by Bola Akadari(2013)

What were you like? Shit! You were FFK. You were a beautifully sculpted Adonis of a man.
You were arrogant and dangerous. Always had a frisson of violence and mad passion … just beneath the elegant and preppy surface.

Your eyes held secrets- deep pools of enigma. But beneath it all was something desperate and vulnerable. And I touched it.
A love like blood.
You were a freaking warrior Femi. Even when playing your in your insane polo, you would get up speaking with studied eloquence….every smile verging on a sneer.
Except when you smiled at me…like a child.
It made my heart ache.
FFK the Ife king
Lol….. I was like a moth to the flame. U were incandescent and frightening and irresistible and elegant and anachronistic.

Like you had burst into my awareness from some Eldritch domain. Reeking of sex and power and unpredictability and intrigue.

But when you looked at me, when u held me, when u entered me, you were like David the shepherd.
A warrior, fierce, yet vulnerable. Beautiful and brimming with a naive and noble assurance.
Does that answer your question?

I wax eloquent- transported by long forgotten inspiration- selah- and c’est la vie.
Did u know that I have a poet’s heart? And like all poets i walk a tragic path, navigated through rose-hued pain.